Parler interim CEO says President Joe Biden welcome on the platform

Parler interim CEO says President Joe Biden welcome on the platform

Parler interim CEO Mark Meckler said Tuesday that President Joe Biden would be welcome on the platform should he decide to join.

Meckler was reacting to an inquiry by Fox News have Neil Cavuto who inquired as to whether previous President Trump would be invited on the social media network after Twitter forever prohibited from Trump following the Jan. 6 uproar at the Capitol.

“What Parler’s really about is being a public square, and a public square is where anybody can come, they can say what they want as long as it’s legal, and Donald Trump hasn’t said anything illegal, as far as I’m aware. He certainly didn’t on Twitter, didn’t on Facebook [or] any of the other places that he was banned,” Meckler said.

“He would be more than welcome to join us on Parler, we would be happy to have him along with President Biden, we’re happy to have anybody from any party who wants to come on and engage in civil discourse,” he said.

Parler declared on Monday that it is relaunching its platform dependent on independent technology.

Parler’s relaunch came about a month after the platform was suspended from Amazon’s web hosting services, alongside Apple and Google’s app stores considering the riots. The worry came over the manner in which Parler dealt with conceivably compromising content.

Meckler disclosed to Fox News that he figured the platform would be back on Apple’s App Store soon, yet that he wasn’t keen on attempting to get back on Google.

“We’re not really interested in being back on Google. They’re not for free speech; they’re anti-free speech,” Meckler said. “I anticipate we’ll be back on Apple, not so worried about Google.”

The organization became the platform of decision for conservatives who felt other social media platforms were censoring right-wing content.