Pedro Milagre  talk about the success of his campaign “Somos Todos Romerinho”

Pedro Milagre talk about the success of his campaign “Somos Todos Romerinho”

The young Brazilian entrepreneur, philanthropist and student, Pedro Milagre is only 20 years old and have already done so much to the society. He started working at a very early age, around 11 years old. Currently, he is studying business in college and is also simultaneously working with his friends Romerinho (focusing on the campaign) and Pkllipe (managing his social medias).

Was in the beginning of 2016, that everything started. At the age of 15, he was already living alone in Belo Horizonte – MG, when he met his friend for life, Romerinho, a guy who suffered from leukemia since the age of 7 that is now one of his best friends.

A very empathetic person, Pedro put all his efforts and created the well know and successful campaign “Somos Todos Romerinho” to save the life of his friend and help him move to USA to proceed with his treatment. He started all the social media stuff, recruited his famous friends to share the history and start raising money with a run against the clock.

He and all the supporters successfully raised 250K dollars in less then 2 weeks to pay his friend cancer treatment in Los Angeles, City of Hope Hospital. After that Romero moved and started the process of recovering. “I am very proud to have taken the lead of something that took so much effort but worked so well. Everyone helped and thanks to the success of the campaign and all the marketing and effort behind it we were able to help our great friend Romerinho. I’m sure we all played a very important role in his healing process, which is still ongoing in the USA.”, said Pedro.

In the beginning of 2020, 4 years later, Pedro went to Los Angeles to meet his friend and see how everything was going. “Romero is still treating, everything is going well thanks to God. This guy is like a brother to me and seeing his strength to surpass this inspire me a lot.”. Pedro also told us that Romero will be going through a transplant in September.

One quality which Milagre is blessed with is his convincing power. Besides the successful campaign, he started managing Romerinho with his socials and everything is going very well. Since then, he never looked back and started working rigorously for the welfare of the people.