PharaDomo Sets The Bar High Moving Forward With New Video For “Gifted”

PharaDomo Sets The Bar High Moving Forward With New Video For “Gifted”

The East Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York is home to ascending hip hop artist PharaDomo. Investing a large amount of his time to perfecting his craft, PharaDomo has been able to make great strides thus far in 2021. With momentum rolling in the right direction PharaDomo is looking to capitalize with the release of this newest music video for “Gifted”

The “Gifted [Official Video]” features PharaDomo flexing his new lifestyle and setting the haters straight. Emphasizing that he is truly gifted, PharaDomo shows the people who have talked down on him the mistake they have made and the spot that he is in now. He shows off his cash and the whips that he and his closest ones now have from the success as the camera captures the scene from various perspectives, adding a unique element into each scene.

The “Gifted [Official Video]” is a big play for PharaDomo and keeps the momentum from earlier this year rolling. He has big plans for the tail end of 2021, and it should be exciting to see where he goes from here on out. Stay tuned in with PharaDomo so you can watch his promising career unfold.

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