Phillip H. Perez – Founder and CEO of BarterUnit LLC, announces its newly developed digital Barter Unit Scrips

BarterUnit LLC, a rapidly growing American startup company will enhance its digital electronic payment system by implementing newly designed Barter Unit Scrips. The Barter Unit will consist of 6 digital denomination scrips; 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100. The scrips are privatized digital currency representing and encouraging economic equality, freedom and security. It is an optional alternative purchasing power currency, designed to stimulate local sustainable economic growth through the process of social economic collaboration. The payment system upgrade is set to be implemented on November 27th 2020.

“We’re enhancing our digital electronic payment system to provide a more practical and realistic feel. Users will now see our newly designed currency scrips when sending and receiving Barter Units. Our goal is to empower economic participation, by giving individuals more control over their financial lives while simultaneously improving economic opportunities locally and globally,” says Perez.

“We’re crossing barriers, challenging the status quo and inserting the latest technologies and design concepts into our system. It’s time we make significant political and economic change in the world by asserting and utilizing an alternative digital currency system – a new income distribution system that works for everyone,” says, Perez.

Perez is a headstrong entrepreneur, determined to make independent financial structural changes for marginalized communities. The BarterUnit LLC establishment is determined to make the Barter Unit the closest digital equivalent of physical cash without the attachment of bureaucratic constraints. The BarterUnit mobile application is available one the Apple and GooglePlay stores.