Pilum Defense Agency pushes firearms safety training amid gun sales

Pilum Defense Agency pushes firearms safety training amid gun sales

The National Shooting Sports Foundation says that over 16 million guns were sold in the U.S. in 2022. That tread is not slowing down in 2023.Firearms sales are still booming from its unprecedented levels in 2020 and 2021.

However, owning a firearm is a tremendous responsibility. Millions of new gun owners haven’t received proper training to handle a gun safety. To avoid needless injuries or deaths, Pilum Defense Agency LLC, has created new firearm courses and invites all new gun owners into a professional, non-intimidating environment to learn the fundamentals of firearm ownership, starting with safety to live fire.

“Due to the pandemic and the political climate, people have turned to guns for safety by the millions” Michael Mancha, Pilum Defense CEO. Michael said, “Now is the time to focus on training to ensure people stay safe.”

“People are purchasing guns with no idea how to use them.  We want to promote safe handling practices and prevent an unintentional or negligent firearm discharge. Training is the key,” said Mancha.

His top tips for first-time gun owners are to know your firearm, keep your finger off the trigger, be aware of where you are pointing your firearm. Most importantly, take the training courses being offered by Pilum. From handguns to carbines and concealed carry techniques, Pilum has you covered.

If you do have any pressing firearms questions or requirements, they can customize scenarios specifically for your situation. You will get all your questions answered–at no charge–by an experienced instructor. 

Pilum Defense is a total Investigation & Protection Solutions Firm that is Licensed, Bonded and Insured. Offering a wide range of unparalleled services from; Civil, Financial, Corporate, Background, and Workplace investigations right up to Asset Research, Surveillance, Executive Protection, Armed Uniform Protection, and Firearms Training.  Veteran-owned and veteran-run, founded by former U.S. Marine Corps and Navy SEAL combat-proven personnel. All team members and advisers have either served in the U.S. Military or in Law Enforcement careers.

For more information about their services and courses offered visit: https://www.pilum.com/