Planet-based astrology according to Astro Farsi Sally, a popular Iranian-English astronomer

Planet-based astrology according to Astro Farsi Sally, a popular Iranian-English astronomer

The ruling planet every month

Analyzing and following the “motion of the planets” when passing through the constellations, and also understanding their various aspects, is the same definition of astronomy. So, understanding their concepts solely is important, as well as getting to know the ruling planet on your sign can help you better understand your astrology.

The planet that rules the month of April: Mars

The red planet Mars, which rules the people born in April, seems to be in perfect harmony with the agile mood of the people born in this month. Mars is a symbol of emotions, aggression, ambition, and animal instincts and therefore corresponds to the signs of fire like the Farvardin constellation. Its power is essentially unstoppable. “Mars brings emotions for people born in April.” They are known as people with infinite energy and high leadership skills. So, they can sometimes find the spirit of a warrior. If you were born in April, you have probably felt the impact of Mars whenever you suddenly find yourself in an extreme argument or a very competitive mood.

The ruling planet of May: Venus

The planet that rules May, Venus is the planet of love, but at the same time, it rules things like luxury, pleasure, and values. According to Persian, May is marked by the sign of the soil, which means that it is focused on material things and sexual experiences, and the planet Venus has the greatest impact on the May constellation.

Ruling planet in June: Mercury

People born in June are literal and social, and just like Mercury, the planet of communication and thought, are wise people. The usual curious nature of people born in June has a beautiful combination with the planet Mercury, which is known for exchanging information and learning new things. “Mercury allows Gemini people to think and analyze different topics.” June (Gemini) is known as the most thoughtful constellation with the sign of the weather and thanks to the ruling planet, it is smart and quick-thinker.

The ruling planet of July: the moon

The ruling planet of July is the “moon”. It is the planet that rules over emotions and things that make us feel comfortable, and in astronomy, the moon is associated with the Crab constellation, which is symbolized by water. People born in Cancer (July) are more maternal and nurturing feelings than other people born in other months, and as a result, allow the intuitive and sensory nature of the planet “Moon” to shine well. Because the energy of people born in July is very gentle and touchy, the moon can be very vulnerable and sensitive to this sign, and if you are born in July, you should be thankful for the moon, which allows you to deal well with your emotions and even properly stay in touch with others.

The ruling planet of August: the sun

August can be said to be unofficially the king of all the constellations, so it is clear that the ruling planet is located at the center of the solar system: the sun. People born in August, like the planet that rules them, love to be the center of attention, and like the sun, they have warmth, positive thinking, and a bright effect on everything they touch. The sun is the planet of energy, spirit, and life, in the constellation of Assad (Mordad). So, if you are born in August, you should be thankful for the star Sun for your immense confidence.

The ruling planet of September: Mercury

The ruling planet for September is Mercury, which has various tasks in astronomy, perhaps because it rules over more than one constellation. While the character of the central connection of Mercury appears in June, the characteristic of its thinking and analysis has appeared in the sign of Virgo (September). September has the sign of the ground soil, and when everything is in order, the energy of its pivotal details becomes apparent. Mercury is a planet of timing and planning and is well in sync with this constellation. If you are born in September, you can see the effect of Mercury on your ability to keep things organized, such as your email inbox folder.

The planet that rules October: Venus

The planet Venus is completely about love and pleasure, so it is not surprising that this planet has a lot of love that can be shared with two types of signs in the constellation. Because in addition to May, it also rules the October constellation, which is a symbol of balance and communication. Since the sign of Libra (September) focuses on the harmony of relationships, the dreamy and romantic character of the planet Venus should play its role here. The impact of Venus, of course, goes beyond love, but “Venus also brings artistic talent and initiative to the constellation.” Libra is also famous for its aesthetic look and fits perfectly with the other name of Venus, “Beauty Planet”.

The planet that rules November: Pluto

The ruling planet for November is Pluto which is derived from the name of the god of the underworld, and at the same time is a small planet that is responsible for some of the greatest events of life, including birth and death, creation and destruction, or anything hidden beneath stages. Similarly, Scorpio energy is naturally embedded in the darker and more mysterious aspects of the universe. “Pluto allows Scorpio (November)

 to change.” Pluto likes to change in adversity, and this is probably why Scorpio is known as the “Black Horse” among other constellations.

The ruling planet of December: Jupiter

The happy planet Jupiter is a spell of optimism in the constellation and rules over the happy and lucky archer. It is not surprising that people born in December report They are known as people with positive thinking and high morale. Jupiter is a planet of development, meaning that to love learning, traveling, and expanding the horizons, and has an immense thirst for knowledge. “Jupiter develops the philosophy of the Archer.” It is for this energy that Jupiter can try new things and say yes to new experiences, something that other constellation signs cannot do.

The ruling planet of January: Saturn

The ruling planet of January is Saturn. The strict and law-abiding planet of Saturn rules over Taurus, and perhaps that is why Taurus is the only sign in the constellation known for its discipline and hard work, which Saturn is in fact for its structure. The element of people born in January is soil and they are target-oriented, which is completed along with Saturn’s approach. “Saturn brings structure to a serious constellation” Although Saturn’s effect may be limited, it still teaches a serious constellation not to use shortcuts and instead to build a very solid foundation.

February: Uranus

Uranus is a strange planet in the constellation and deals with sudden changes, waves of inspiration, and challenging the state of existence. Therefore, it is quite understandable why the Aquarius (February) is ruled by the element of air. The energy of Aquarius is not less than a revolution, it prefers new and innovative ideas rather than traditional things and always looks to the future. If you are born in February, you should be thankful to the planet Uranus for your rebellious spirit.

The ruling planet of March: Neptune

The ruling planet of Neptune, the dream planet of illusions and spiritual realms that can be understood why it rules Pisces, which is known and highly sensitive to the element of water. Pisces is very emotional and poetic, and perhaps for this reason it is more dependent on spiritual and emotional things than other constellations, and it owes this feature to the planet, Neptune. “Neptune inspires Pisces for dreaming and artistry.” It is known that people born in March live in a dreamy fantasy in the world, which is directly related to the illusion that Neptune has on everything.