Plastic moisture analyzer

Plastic moisture analyzer

If you want to buy plastic moisture analyzer for low moisture plastic resins, you will require a model that will quickly and accurately gauge the resins moisture content. Also, it should be the one with several quality control measurements involving the moisture content. You would be willing to possess a moisture balance meeting all the standards set by professional organizations and trade associations.

Significance of low moisture content in plastic resins: Incorrect moisture in the plastic resins can lead to a finished product that is inferior in quality. At times, shipped products may have specific moisture content. However, the ambient conditions at the injection molding could lower or raise the required content of moisture before it is placed in the hoppers of the injection molding machine. Companies ensure to take steps ensuring proper storage of resin. From a quality control point of view, moisture control, as well as commercial drying, is a couple of significant steps. 

Standard for determining moisture in plastic: It makes use of the LOD method or loss of weight while drying. This is also termed as a thermogravimetric method. As the standards shared state that, “The specimen is spread onto a sample pan that is supported on a balance in a heating chamber that has been preheated and equilibrated to the specified idle temperature. It is then heated to vaporize the moisture. The analysis is completed when the indicated weight loss falls below a rate specified in the test conditions. The total loss of weight is integrated and displayed as the percent of moisture. Both the analyzer’s balance and heater are calibrated to NIST** standards to achieve precise and accurate results.

How does a moisture analyzer work? These analyzers make use of a drying process for the purpose of extraction and moisture measure. It combines precision balance along with the heater. It includes a simple 4 step procedure.

  • Parameters of the drying process are entered on a keypad. These are usually the drying temperature including how the heat is applied as well as the shut-off criteria.
  • The sample is then placed on a weighing scale that is located in the drying chamber.
  • The drying chamber is then closed and the analysis begins.
  • The moisture content is calculated by comparing the initial weight of the sample to the weight once the drying process is completed.

These heaters provide constant drying once the required temperatures are fed in by the operator. Usually, the temperature is maintained within 1 degree centigrade of the selected setting.

Most of the plastic analyzers include the temperature ramping to a maximum of 160 degrees or lesser than this. In particular cases, higher temperatures may be needed to achieve complete drying. Automatically the analysis terminates at a specified time or when the dry weight is stable.

In short, these analyzers are significant to ensure the high quality of the products. If you are in the plastic manufacturing industry or products made of plastics, then you must be aware of the significance of these moisture analyzers. Make sure you buy an accurate and speedy moisture analyzer and ensure the quality of your products.