Pokémon TCG: Logan Paul sets new record cost for Venusaur Card

The Pokémon Trading Card Game has had its share of influencer heroes lately, as demand to acquire sealed and single product keeps on surging in the midst of a renewed demand for cards both new and old. Key players like Post Malone, Steve Aoki, and Arin Hanson keep on championing the interest of this current game’s truly collectible components. Yet, one duo of popular, or maybe notorious, brothers has recently established a significant record for the Pokémon TCG. Logan Paul, acting on behalf of his brother Jake Paul’s charity, Boxing Bullies, has broken the record at the highest auction cost for a Venusaur card to date.

As per CGC Comics, “The auction happened at an after-party event following the Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley rematch fight in Tampa, Florida, on December 19, 2021 and was sponsored by Promify, Fangible and Clover.” All returns went to Jake Paul’s charity. Evaluated at a CGC grade of 9, making it a Mint condition card, the Venusaur sold at auction for a faltering $19,000.

Logan Paul has not been without his share of controversies, making this story somewhat less flavorful than ideal. In 2017 Paul recorded himself in the Aokigahara “suicide forest” in Japan, and took film of a victim of suicide in the location. Moreover, Paul was pummeled simply recently by the Pokémon TCG community for wearing a BGS grade-10 Base Set Charizard around his neck before his notorious boxing match with Floyd Mayweather June, which he lost. The card was lauded by Paul for being valued at $1,000,000 USD, but then it was worn around his neck during a sporting event that is known for being rather sweaty.