Poonam Raj: An established name and figure within the Indian music industry

Poonam Raj: An established name and figure within the Indian music industry

With valuable teachings from her guru Ravindra Jain, Poonam Raj as a complete music professional etched her name in gold.  

Poonam Raj is one special gem of the music industry. The lady has explored globally with her unique skills, creativity and art in music craft. From childhood, music was her inclined passion. As she grew up she polished her skills in music tremendously. Her soulful voice is an asset to her musical journey. Her music career took a major turn when she came to Mumbai and met the legend of music Ravindra Jain. His music craft needs no introduction, his numerous music art creates huge buzz till today. She trained herself under him and mastered her skills effectively. The knowledge of beats and rhythm she gained from Ravindraji is incredible.

Though Ravindra Jain is no more his work keeps him alive till today. He has done more than 250 films, Ramayan serials, Krishna and many more. People started taking her seriously after working with Ravindraji. He gave her love like a daughter. She did massive stage shows with him globally in front of millions of people. Where she learned her Guru handle big shows efficiently.  The experience she gained while working with him was incredible. They have sung massive bhajans, several album songs with T-series.

The legacy of the musical work of Ravindra Jain is carried forward by her wife Divya Ravindra Jain. Her wife started a YouTube channel named – Ravindra Jain. In which R J events is a group which organize huge stage show. The scripting, anchoring and singing are done by Poonamji. She has sung with Kavita Krishnamurthy, Suresh Wadkar, Sudesh Bhosle, Kalyanji Anandji, Sadhana Sargam, Kavita Sheth and many more great personalities of the music industry.

She always reminds the great moments of their music craft collaboration with her guru Ravindra Jain. Whether it is singing songs in the film, bhajans, massive shows with a huge crowd. These all gave him a stupendous experience to grow as a pro music artist and mesmerizing singer. Today Poonam Raj is renowned in the music industry and have sung massive songs in different languages. The guru and student has contributed largely to the music industry and as entertain the millions of audience’s utmost.

She has always made her guru proud with her hard work, consistent performance with creativity in all the zones of singing, writing and anchoring. She has always enthralled listeners and industry with her music craft.