Presidentrj: The Los Angeles Wordsmith Details his Upcoming Hip-Hop Project, STREET PRIEST II

Presidentrj: The Los Angeles Wordsmith Details his Upcoming Hip-Hop Project, STREET PRIEST II

When asked about the most challenging aspect of his rise to success so far, Los Angeles rapper Presidentrj shared the following, “Trust. [There have been] so many fallouts with disloyal people over the years.” Accompanied by the presence of other career-threatening obstacles, the status of his relationships has not been the only thing weighing on the young hip-hop artist’s mind over the years. But with success he has found in 2020, Presidentrj is looking to launch his career into orbit in 2021.

Born and raised in south-central LA, Presidentrj experienced his fair share of hardships growing up. He learned from those experiences that have fueled his motivation to succeed and played a crucial role in forming his storytelling prowess. “I feel like a lot of people will be able to relate to the place I come from. I want people to give themself a chance in life,” Presidentrj shares. In March of 2019, a year after starting a music career, the LA native was face with yet another hardship. Being evicted from his apartment, Presidentrj had to put his career on hold as he could not afford production or studio time. He did not bottle up his creative juices, though, as he continued to improve his songwriting skills while he worked to get himself back on his feet.

Presidentrj fought hard for his dreams, and when he made his triumphant return in 2020, the results were truly astonishing. His extended length release, STREET PRIEST, set the precedent that Presidentrj was a force in hip-hop. Earning fame in the LA underground scene, the young artist was presented with doors of opportunity he never knew were available. Now looking to build on that success, Presidentrj is prepping the release of STREET PRIEST II, the follow-up to his 2020 release. “The songs give listeners an idea of what life is like in the streets and what a lot of people have to go through to survive,” Presidentrj shares of the upcoming project. With the strides of improvement, he has shown over the past year, Presidentrj might just launch his career miles ahead with this release.

To hear Presidentrj’s music, check out his Spotify and follow him on Instagram for updates on STREET PRIEST II.

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