Promotional Office Supplies to Welcome Your New Employees

Promotional Office Supplies to Welcome Your New Employees

Employees are the face of your brand, the ambassadors for your company, and they are the ones who represent your brand’s ideology. So, it is always a good time to encourage brand loyalty and team spirit, especially when onboarding new clients to your circle.

Thoughtful promotional products from vendors like will show the new employees your excitement in having them at your company and boost their self-confidence the very first day.

If you have a new batch of employees coming on board any time soon, read this article and take note of the best promotional office supplies you can offer as a welcome gift to the new hires.

Custom Printed Pens

Whether your new employees are working from home, the office, or in any remote environment, office supplies like pens are always needed, and they make a great choice as promotional products.

Pens are sought-after promotional items, which have not lost their shine even after all these years. And, they are popular mainly because everyone uses them, and also they are cheap.

Even though the digital world has risen, many still prefer writing by hand.

So with pens, you will not only genuinely welcome the employees but also strategically promote your brand in an effective way.

Handy USB Drives

Though USB drives are thought of as things of the past, many consumers still choose USB over other tech products. So, it is not always about what is new or trendy in the industry.

And handing out versatile, practical, and tech-related items like USB drives to the new employees will help promote your company’s technology and reflect your ideologies about transparency in workplace culture.

Stress Balls

If you are a brand that promotes outstanding customer service, you will want to encourage the same quality in your employees from the get-go.

You can do this by adding a stress reliever to the promotional product list to symbolize the employees’ efforts at work. What’s more, you can even order customized stress balls that fit your brand image.

Branded Notebooks

Notebooks are also yet another choice as promotional office supplies. You can either choose a grandiose option or stay simple with a minimalist style.

No matter the style, notebooks will help the employees handily document their thoughts and findings. Customized and branded notebooks, journals, and other swag supplies will make a good impression on their first day at work.

Power Banks

If there is one way to make sure that your new employees use the promotional products, it is by offering them items that will make their day-to-day life easier, and power banks are one such product that perfectly meets this requirement.

With everyone immersed in at least an electronic device at a time, chargers and power banks will never sit unused on the desk.

Whether at the desk or traveling, new employees will think about you when they will use the charger to power their electronic devices.

Employees are more than “just workers” in a workplace. No, they are not just specks in the grand scheme of employment. They are indeed the backbone of your organization.

So, treat the new employees with exciting promo products and offer the warm welcome that they deserve.