Purpprxmi is On The Rise

Meet the new buzzing kid rapper, Purpprxmi. In the current climate of modern-day Hip-Hop/Rap, fans are constantly searching for the next hot rapper to emerge into the limelight. Scrolling through social media and even music streaming services can be a way to discover new talent, but when a true once-in-a-lifetime artist begins to make their way to the big screen, It is apparent to every one of us Hip-Hop heads. His new project, “Fighting Demons,” released on May 25th. Purpprxmi is on the rise, pioneering his genre in the Rap world, and I look forward to seeing his growth in the next.

Artist Purpprxmi constantly thrives towards improvement and making his soundscape a refined version of his inner mind. Working out of his home studio, his journey as an artist picked up pace over the past year and has succeeded in garnering widespread audiences. His song ‘Intimate’ has collected over 1 million streams on various platforms and paves the way for yet another successful venture in his career. His upcoming singles are in the works as he emerges as one of the most promising artists in the scope of hip hop and rap to have come out right now. Follow him on Soundcloud, Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music to participate in the contemporary resurgence of rap.