Raising Awareness: Influencers and Brands Stand for Sustainability

Raising Awareness: Influencers and Brands Stand for Sustainability

Within last years the idea of economic growth as a solution to all the world’s existing inequalities has started to expire like a dying match, giving us food for thought and making us more conscious. It’s a positive tendency that people are becoming more and more educated on ecological matters. Now we give careful thought not only to what we eat and wear, but also to how all of these were produced and how all of these are going to be discarded. Today #sustainablefashion numbers 7,9m posts and #sustainable 8,2m, which gives us a ray of hope that our society will stop glorifying excessive consumption one day and will be able to minimize its footprint on the environment. With growing support of celebrities, big brands, influencers, designers and manufacturers the concepts of such notion as sustainable fashion have become recognized and accepted.

Olga Ferrara, a fashion influencer, stylist and editor in New York, is one of those game changers who motivate people to change their shopping style acquiring healthy shopping habits. She believes that rethinking our wardrobe is a big step forward. Olga suggests following measures to start off with:

  • Longevity of clothes; try sticking with what you have. Don’t rush to toss the broken piece, see if you could repair it.
  • Fabric; designers are becoming more mindful and preferring to use eco-friendly materials (hemp, organic cotton, recycled polyester etc.). Read labels.
  • Give the pieces you have a new life; donate, sell, swap, recycle. Prevent your clothes from landing in a landfill.

In her blog Olga encourages people to support brands that adopt ethical approach and socially responsible methods across the globe. Victoria Paris, a vegan label of handbags created by talented designer and wardrobe stylist Laura Aguilera is one of them. Born in Mexico, Laura preserves traditions of her motherland when creates chic and elegant collections purely with sustainable materials made of cactus. Another high-quality brand with unique cross-cultural history and ethical philosophy is The Off Label run by brilliant Aya Islamova. In the process of manufacturing clothes Aya uses left over fabric for small pieces production such as lingerie, face masks, swimsuits etc. She enthusiastically supports the ideas of slow fashion and inclusivity designing her garments for all shapes and sizes.

All of us have their fair share in contribution to a noticeable change in our world, let’s make this change for better!

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