Ram unveiled a concept for an EV pickup truck that will compete with Ford, GM, and Rivian

Ram unveiled a concept for an EV pickup truck that will compete with Ford, GM, and Rivian

Add another entrant into the high-stakes EV pickup truck battle.

The Ram Revolution 1500 EV Concept was unveiled by Ram Trucks (STLA) from Las Vegas at CES. It is a full-size pickup truck that Ram claims will be produced later this year.

In the full-size EV pickup market, the Ford F-150 Lightning and Chevrolet Silverado EV will compete with the production version, which is scheduled for 2024.

Despite this, there are some interesting features in the Ram 1500 Revolution. Even though the concept has doors that open out in the style of a “grand saloon,” they probably won’t be in the final product. However, one feature that Ram says will probably stay: jump seats in the third row.

Ram claims that the truck’s powered mid-gate can be pulled down to reveal mounted jump seats. These seats can also be taken out to make it possible to have multiple different seating arrangements. Ram also claims that when the mid-gate is retracted, the entire vehicle is accessible for long cargo, allowing for an 18-foot pass-through that includes the trunk. long.

According to Ram, the idea is based on the STLA Frame body-on-frame chassis, which was made just for electric cars. In this case, it will have two electric drive modules (EDMs) so that it can drive all four wheels.

Although no additional specifications were provided at the reveal, one would anticipate that the truck would offer comparable pricing and features to the competition.

Ram claims that developing the EV pickup truck to appeal to its customers presented a number of challenges. In an interview with Yahoo Finance that was conducted from Las Vegas, Ram Brands CEO Mike Koval spoke about one of the most significant difficulties. “First of all, battery packaging, because the batteries are very, very heavy.”

“I think research continues to suggest and support that trucking intenders, and even current buyers, are more and more openminded to the idea of electrification in their pickups, but they tell us time and time again, please do not compromise, do not sacrifice the core attributes that we care about the most — which historically had been payload and towing,” Koval said.