Ravi Agarwal Entrepreneur is a great leader who has made an impact in social  politics & science

Ravi Agarwal Entrepreneur is a great leader who has made an impact in social politics & science

Entrepreneur Ravi Agarwal is a great leader who has made an impact in social science & politics. He Belongs To very well known, high family (Roopam Family) in jalna

In today’s world it is possible to be successful only if you have the skills. Ravi Govardhan Agarwal, an entrepreneur from Jalna, has a different personality. Your ancestral business They are making their mark in politics by taking care of sociology. Today there is a large number of youth in the country. Youth is considered as an important factor for the country to become a superpower. But today some young people are deviating from their goal. Such youths need to be guided in the true sense of the word and they are trying to fulfill that need with noble leadership like Ravi Agarwal.

Ravi Agarwal, an entrepreneur originally from Jalna, was educated by J. S. College Completed up to 12th Commerce in College. His father Govardhan Patnalal Agarwal remained a corporator and twice declared candidate for MLA. Ravi wanted to get involved in politics from the age of ten as he had a family with political heritage from the very beginning.

Along with this, there was also a love of social causes. While his father and brother were running the grocery business and Unit Ram Ritesh Ispat Pvt Ltd was running the rolling mill, Ravi also went into business with them. Meanwhile, during the 1995 period of steel The crisis in the industry caused huge losses to Ravi Agarwal in the steel business. Not only that, they had to sell Ram Riteish Rolling Mill. Ravi did not spend even in such a crisis. At the age of 22, he was involved in coal, scrap and construction Business Started selling iron rods. Looking back – 14 years of hard work and perseverance Savart did business honestly. From this, he created a new ideal in front of the society by getting back the same mill which he had sold to another in 2012, Ram Riteish Rolling Mill. Father andRavi never looked back in his life due to the encouragement he received from his brother Ritesh Agarwal. Today Hariom Trading, Panna Rukmani Food Junction and Shivam Sales, business excelled Are handling. Spices and ghee go to 438 shops in Jalna through Hariom Trading. Not only this, Panna Rukmani Food Junction is a specialty dried fruit shop which sells its own trademarks. This includes customers in Gulbagga, Hyderabad and Chennai & others parts of india.

Especially carrying goods. Also Shivam Sales sells scrap and splinters. So far 250 people have been employed in this business. In return for his father’s hard work and dedication, Ravi Agarwal has taken over the reins of the business.

Business, politics, sociology

Entrepreneur Ravi Agarwal’s political legacy came from his home and he has been interested in politics since childhood. He is currently working in the party as the district vice president of Bharatiya Janata Party Yuva Morcha. Along with politics
They love social work. The poor and the needy in the society, who love education but cannot afford it due to circumstances, like educational aid and food donation to the needy.
Interested in social work. His idea of ​​uniting all the society by eliminating the problems of anarchy, cow slaughter, unemployment and corruption in the society today is really ideal. Ravi Agarwal is the current president of Bramhastra Multipurpose Education and Service Organization and has been the former president of Ganesh Mahasangh. He has also received the National Udyog Ratna Award.
The desire to contribute through politics as well as the youth of the society, will work well and try to bring all the society together.

Ravi Agarwal, Entrepreneur