Razer’s new ANC earphones cut the cost of the original pair in half

Razer released its first pair of ANC-equipped earphones last year, and shockingly, they were entirely the value. At $200, its Opus headset managed to undercut the competition, delivering the excellent sound quality and noise cancellation without breaking the bank. Razer’s hoping to pull away from the pack for the second year in a row, reducing the cost of its brand-new set of earphones in half.

This set, named the Opus X, expects to give budget-conscious customers amazing earphones for both gaming and music. Like last year’s model, this less expensive pair features 40mm drivers that ought to be equipped for a similar superb sound. Two of its four microphones are dedicated to ANC, and a passthrough mode allows you to hear anybody around you without taking them off. While they drop the THX branding and 3.5mm input (boo!) from last year’s model, battery life has been stretched out consequently, presenting to 30 hours of listening time with ANC enabled. A fair trade in case you’re more worried about life span than cables.

Another benefit of getting the less expensive unit: new colors! The past set came in midnight blue, black, and a special patterned variant. In the interim, the Opus X is accessible in Razer’s standard shade of green and bright shades of pink and silver. It’s a significantly more attention-grabbing pair of earphones than the original Opus cans ever were.