Real Estate Entrepreneur Jason Jouan Regarded Amongst UK’s Top Property Investors

Real Estate Entrepreneur Jason Jouan Regarded Amongst UK’s Top Property Investors

Investing is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially when it comes to physical assets such as land and apartments. London-based entrepreneur Jason Jouan has emerged as a successful figure in the UK Real Estate industry scene. 

Jason Jouan was born in December 1994 in a lower-middle income household. He was actively reading about real estate and properties during the 2007-08 housing crisis that rocked the foundation of the global financial system, resulting in the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

However, during this time Jason was only a young teenager who was fascinated by the quantum of money involved in the housing market. When he turned 20, Jason Jouan was once again introduced to the world of Real Estate and Property Development at University.

He was a hard-working student and often did 12-hour work shifts alongside university. His degree in Business Finance has equipped him with strong numeracy skills. His experience as a property broker, entrepreneur, and advisor has made him into a shrewd businessman and negotiator.

Jason Jouan quit his dream job as a Financial Analyst at a Fortune 500 company to pursue his passion of property development and investments. Today he owns properties, apartments, and real estate across the globe while the majority of his investments are situated in the United Kingdom.

Jason Jouan has quickly become the talk of Real Estate and Property Developer circles in the Kingdom. His vast knowledge and deal sourcing skills are unparalleled. On his official Instagram, Jason also shares sneak peek of the apartments/properties that he purchases, refurbishes, and flips (or rents).

The young entrepreneur has closed several six-figure property deals to date and continues to expand his global real estate empire at a rapid pace. He was featured on Yahoo Finance, Influencive Media, The United Business Journal and Casey Weekly as one of the top performing UK property investors of the decade.

Jason Jouan’s property investments guarantee a positive and guaranteed ROI of +10% to his investors.

He has spent hours working on his business, improving his negotiation skills, hunting for profitable deals in his city and is well on his way of creating a legacy in the property industry!

It remains to be seen how this 27-Year old is going to change the property investing and development landscape moving forward!