Reina: The New Voice of Latin Pop.

Reina: The New Voice of Latin Pop.

Girl power is not a new phenomenon to the pop industry and Izzy La Reina is the perfect example. The Brazilian pop diva has won millions of hearts for her contributions to the industry and there is no doubt she will continue to leave a lasting mark on the music and entertainment industry.

Izzy La Reina has become a household name and has received international attention for her musical talents, fashion sense, great personality and beauty. One of her latest all Spanish song “La Oscuridad” became a major hit and established the talented brazilian, as a true emerging artist.

Izzy La Reina never misses and she has proved it time and time again. Music is everything to this diva and she says, “It’s the motivation to wake up every single morning. It made me leave my home country and move all the way to America with nothing. It made me believe in myself. It’s what has kept me going during the most depressing and horrible moments of my life. Even though I feel blessed now, it still keeps me happy. When I sing, I think of all the struggles I’ve been through and let out all of my emotions, feelings, and thoughts.”

Izzy La Reina, success is an inspiration for the girls of her home country that if you want something bad enough and you work hard enough you can definitely get it. Izzy La Reina is a personification of grace, strength, talent and beauty and we wish her continued success on all fo her upcoming projects.

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