Resident Evil Village DLC is underway after popular demand

Resident Evil Village DLC is underway after popular demand

Capcom has reported that Resident Evil Village will get downloadable content. The news was uncovered during an E3 2021 Showcase that was short of new declarations. A speedy message during the live stream affirmed that DLC has entered production “by popular demand.”

While there were no more subtleties past this, the ramifications is that we could be getting more content including the game’s most popular character, Lady Dimitrescu. Another chance could be the arrival of fan-favorite Ada Wong, who was initially intended to highlight in Resident Evil Village, as uncovered by means of concept art that can be unlocked in the game. Obviously, it very well may be some time before this extra DLC comes out, as it shows up there had been no plans of the game’s release, though Resident Evil 7 previously had a season pass got ready for launch.

It was additionally affirmed that online multiplayer game Resident Evil RE:Verse will be releasing one month from now, and is free for every individual who has bought Resident Evil Village.

In front of the Capcom E3 2021 Showcase, the publisher had said it would focus on updates on Resident Evil Village, Monster Hunter Rise, Monster Hunter Stories 2, and The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. Also, consistent with its promise, that is actually what we got. In any case, it gave another sincerely charged story trailer for Monster Hunter Stories 2, and furthermore affirmed that it will get free trial demo going ahead on June 25th. Players can likewise convey save progress over to the full game when it launched on July 9th.

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