Restrictions on North Korea are Still in Place: Trump

Restrictions on North Korea are Still in Place: Trump

The agreement was signed between North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump, But in a statement Trump has clarified that the restrictions on North Korea will still persist.

Trump said that North Korea does not intend to destroy all its nuclear weapons and we will ensure that the restrictions remain on them. “But did US give time to North Korea?” Such a question was made to Trump. Replying to a question Trump said, that for that they will have to give North Korea a lot of time. After a discussion with Kim Jong, Trump convened a joint press conference. But Trump again came in front of the media and he gave detailed information.

To check the authenticity of disarmament

Kim also talked about the authenticity of disarmament. There will be a squad for the authenticity of total disarmament. Including US and international officials. Kim also agreed to destroy the North Korea’s main missile inspection test site, Trump said.

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