Richard Branson’s Main Mermaid for his Guinness World Record on Virgin Voyages – Emily Alexandra Guglielmo

Richard Branson’s Main Mermaid for his Guinness World Record on Virgin Voyages – Emily Alexandra Guglielmo

British entrepreneur, billionaire, businessman and humanitarian Sir Richard Branson turned heads when he joined hundreds of mer-people out to sea for the cruise of a lifetime. Richard Branson is the founder of the Virgin Group which runs over 400 companies from banking, health, to music, telecommunications, space travel and leisure. Beyond business, Richard Branson has been known for some incredible World Record attempts including crossing the Pacific Ocean in a hot air balloon from Japan to the Canadian Arctic in 1991. More recently, his cruise line Virgin Voyages hosted a mermaid-theme cruise on the Valiant Lady breaking the Guinness World Record for the most mermaids congregated together in one spot.

We spoke with the main mermaid of the event, Emily Alexandra Guglielmo, who is internationally recognized as The American Mermaid to tell us more about her experience as a mermaid on Virgin Voyages Caribbean cruise. “We had about 465 Mermaids & mermen participate in the Guinness World Record attempt”, says Emily Alexandra Guglielmo. This MerMaiden journey from Miami to Bimini had the largest gathering of people dressed as merpeople.

Emily Alexandra Guglielmo had an incredible experience during the week of Halloween on the cruise-line as the entire atmosphere was mer-tastic and nautical-themed. “Some of these costumes were absolutely yeah out there and wild… and can I say adult themed lol,” says Emily Alexandra Guglielmo on the adult-only cruise. This made it the perfect action-packed week to host the Guinness World Record attempt and mermaid pageant.

As a globally known full-time professional mermaid, actress, model, humanitarian, and entrepreneur, Emily Alexandra Guglielmo was given the opportunity from her production company to participate in an all expenses paid cruise for the merfolk competition King and Queen of the Seas pageantry on Virgin Voyages. “I was chosen as Miss Florida, USA – aka The American Mermaid in the pageant,” says Emily Alexandra Guglielmo. “What was cool about this voyage though,” she notes, “is that it was the inaugural voyage for the Virgin Voyage in the Caribbean Sea! The entire cruise line was specifically tailored to be mermaid-themed which made it even more enticing for the pageantry company to host the competition on the cruise line!”

The mermaid competition was a huge success as it allowed professional mermaids to showcase their talent with both underwater and above water performances and compete in a costume contest. Emily Alexandra Guglielmo explains, “my cosmetic line, Emily Alexandra Cosmetics, was the make up sponsor for the pageant competition as well which made me so super proud and honored!” Emily Alexandra Cosmetics was the perfect sponsor for this competition as all of her makeup is ocean-safe, vegan, cruelty-free, and water-resistant which is perfect for the modern day mermaid on and offshore. The competitors all looked stunning as they showed off their skills and scales. “Richard Branson, the owner of the Virgin cruise line himself was voyaging with us!” Emily Alexandra Guglielmo exclaims.

While the events continued throughout the trip, the guests traveled the ocean to Costa Rica, Honduras, and Tulum. “It was a week long, and filled with Merpalooza extravaganza, social networking, filming, and so much more!” Emily Alexandra Guglielmo states on her cruise ship experience adding, “there was even a talent show where I chose to perform and do a belly dancing performance while I juggled grapes into my mouth… and might I add that I ate way too much, but how can you not indulge when the food is absolutely delicious and complementary all week long!”

Overall, this record-breaking week was a total success and completely revolutionized the cruise experience for mermaid loving adults everywhere. “If you have never been on a cruise line, I highly suggest choosing Virgin Voyages since they are modern, clean, and up-to-date on food trends and exciting shows throughout the cruise line,” says Emily Guglielmo. Be sure to follow @emilyguglielmo to see more pictures and videos from the event and to stay up to date on her cosmetics line Emily Alexandra Cosmetics.