Rome, the ethernal city… What else could be written regarding this fascinating, powerful, millenial city? Probably nothing really new…
Rome city has inspired people by thousand years, people arriving from any corner of the world to admire it’s breathtaking monuments and buildings, the well known “Dolce Vita”, the incredibly tasty cuisine… 3000 years of history condensed in just one city, the “Ethernal City”!
Very few other cities in the world has so much to offer for tourists, and because of that Rome is worth a visit at least for three (3) days, minimum!
So, lets write an easy to read “To Do” check list for your next trip to Rome….


  1. COLOSSEUM. Whithout any doubt the symbol of Rome… When someon ethinks on Rome, Colosseum is the imagine being associated! This incredible monument was built between 70-80 AD with the purpose to entertain people with games, gladiator fights and more… At it’s peak was estimated to hold 80,000 spectators, like a modern soccer stadium!
  2. ROMAN FORUM. The ruins of the REAL ancient Rome, located very close to Colosseum, which represent the city center of ancient Rome where, the everyday public and political life took place…

3 TREVI FOUNTAIN. An impressive architecture built in 1762 to celebrate Roman God Oceanus. The tradition want you to throw coins into the fountain water, to wish good luck…

  1. SPANISH STEPS. Known also as “Trinità dei Monti”, lovely scenario for famouse films and fashion shows, a real Must See in Rome!
  2. PANTHEON. This perfectly preserved monument, built in 118 AD, is one of the Must See attraction in Rome today…
  3. THE VATICAN CITY. The independent catholic state with Rome city, the capital of world Catholicism… visiting the San Pietro Cathedral, the Sistine Chapel and Castel Santangelo will be an unforgettable experience


  1. CAPITOLINE MUSEUM. This is probably the oldest museum in the world, as it dates back to 1471… Here you will find the ancient roman history through statues, artifacts, tools, and many other items.
  2. GALLERIA BORGHESE. This is a museum datin back to 1600, located in Villa Borghese, one of the most beautiful parks in the city. It was started from the passion of Cardinal Borghese, which was an avid collector of art, including paintings from Caravaggio and sculptures from Bernini.
  3. VATICAN MUSEUMS. The Vatican Museum is absolutely one of the most important museums worldwide, dating back to 1500, and hosting an extraordinary collection of art, the most important and worldwide known is the Cappella Sistina, by Michelangelo… A real “Must See” in Rome!


Usually, as any other city, public transport (bus, tram and metro…) and / or public taxis are means of trasposrtation to move from one point to another inside Rome, but this is the “Unconfortable Way” to visit rome… Why?
When it come to take a bus, or a tram you should take into account constant delays, suppressed bus rides, moved stops, malfunctions, misunderstandings… And, when it comes to take a public taxi be prepared to fight with taximeters… Unfortunately roman taxi are not famous to be fair with their customers…
So, moving around in Rome can easily become a nightmare that could hurt your unforgettable Roman holiday!

The best way to move in Rome today, alternative to the previous means of transportatioons, is without doubt the “private taxi service”. Booking a car rental with driver in Rome will provide you a relaxing and comfortable way to explore the ethernal city in FIRST CLASS, forgetting about stress, delays or frauds (NO taximeters involved… Fares are set in advance!).
The reason why many people simply LOVE this service is because it guarantee the same facilities like public taxi, BUT with many more plus! You will be driven from one point to another with a luxury car (usually Mercedes Benz…), the driver will be at yout total disposal with no hurry, and prices are in line with public taxis!
Even when you arrive in the airport, the best tip for you is to book your airport transfer in advance wit a Private taxy company, to stay stress free!


If you are passionate of food, Rome will be your heaven! Starting from pasta, meat specialties, sweets, Ice cream, coffee, and wine of course… Listing everything means to include hundred of dishes, but will will suggest you just the “Must Taste” food you cannot miss once in Rome…


  1. Rigatoni Carbonara. You will dream about this dish for the years to come… Pasta with egg cream, pecorino romano (local cheese), pork cheek and olive oil…
  2. Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe. Typical Roman dish, made with simple ingredients (local cheese and black pepper), but incredibly difficult to prepare! The taste is something really unique, you have never tasted before!
  3. Bucatini Amatriciana. Impossible to describe the smell and taste of this dish… Made with special italian tomatoes (San Marzano Tomatoes…), white local wine, cured pork cheek, and Pecorino Romano cheese.


  1. Saltimbocca a la Romana. Meat rolled with veal, prosciutto, and sage. Then coocked with white local wine and butter… Simply delicious!
  2. Porchetta. This is special… A whole pork (really…) roasted with a lot of spices. Nowhere you will eat that…
  3. Fiori di zucca ripieni. Simple and tasty! Zucchini flowers stuffed with real italian mozzarella and fresh anchovies.

So, book your flight to Rome as soon you can… You will never regret!