Safest Cars on Sale Now

Safest Cars on Sale Now

When it comes to cars, safety is one of the most important components as no matter how luxurious or classy a car is no one would want to invest in it if it compromises on quality and safety. Many new technologies are being introduced that can ensure the safety of people sitting the car at all times.

The safest cars on sale now are mentioned below:

Mercedes Benz A Class

Mercedes Benz A Class is the safest car that is suitable for small families. It also managed to get a 5 star rating in terms of being adult occupant safety. A ranges of safety features has been installed in it, which includes AEB i.e. autonomous emergency breaking, AAS i.e. Attention Assist System and lastly it also has sensors that can monitor whether the driver is feeling tired or not.

Mazda 3

Mazda 3 also falls under the category of being a safest car for people as it stands tall at 98% for being safe for adults and 87% for being safe for children of all age groups. The feature that helps restrict and prevent serious accidents is the feature of automatic emergency braking. The feature ensures that all sorts of collisions and serious accidents are prevented through the use of automatic braking system.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 is the best option for large families. It is extremely well-equipped with all sorts of safety features that tend to ensure that accidents are not life-threatening or damaging for the people sitting inside. The safety features installed inside includes automatic emergency braking, lane and speed assistance along with top quality air bags.

Audi A6

Audi A6 scored 93% on child and 85% on adult occupant safety. The car is well-equipped with a lot of sensors, cameras, ultrasonic radars that can help make driving much safer and secure than traveling on any other car. The safety features also includes lane assistance, which ensures that the driver is not changing lanes quite frequently especially on the highway. Active cruise control facility also controls the speed of the car thus making sure that the speed is not increasing to an extent that can be dangerous. Furthermore, it can also detect when any object comes near to your car in a way that it can ultimately lead to a collision. It is a safe option to go for especially if someone loves to travel on the highway.