Sageer Nelliparamban on How he developed Online Check Writer

Sageer Nelliparamban on How he developed Online Check Writer

Writing Checks is a part of every business today. However, what most people fail to realize is the amount of work and resources it takes to do the task manually. Not only is it tedious but it can also affect the overall productivity of the workers. For many years, Checks were written by people, with no efforts made towards an automated future.

Sageer Nelliparamban took the step to provide the world with an online checkwriter, to take away the manual labor and offer a seamless way of managing cheques. With over 15 years of experience in numerous industries, Nelli recognized the importance of having such a software and used his expertise to develop a platform that the world needed.

Nelli realized the problem from his petroleum company, called Tyler Petroleum, when it was losing thousands of dollars due to cheque processing for its 200+ workforce. He decided to automate the system and developed an extraordinary software that reduced the redundancy and helped make the business more profitable.

OnlineCheckWriter converts paper checks to digital checks and supports real time payment – a feature in high demand today. Over a span of a few months, Nelli made the software one of the top online cheque writers available in the market. After the success, he has also made it accessible for other businesses, who can use it to improve their profitability.  

Sageer Nelliparamban is an extremely accomplished entrepreneur with many years of experience that enabled him to build a platform that could solve the problem the world has been facing for several decades. OnlineCheckWriter can undoubtedly make the cheque writing process seamless and help in maintaining the overall integrity of the service.