Salman Altaf tells us how to drive traffic to your online store.

Salman Altaf tells us how to drive traffic to your online store.

Just having a online store won’t do any good and you need proper strategies to boost its growth, says Salman.

Having spent years in business and helped many brands to growth through his Ecommerce and Digital Marketing company ‘Blue Cascade’, Salman has mastered the craft to the ‘T’ and today wants to share a few tips which would help in scaling the growth of your online store to much better levels. “establishing your online business and waiting for customers to visit and make their purchase is not going to happen unless you use strategic methods which can help bring in customers to your online store,” says Salman. How is that possible? Is it possible in a less budget? How much time will it take for customers to start visiting my website and make purchases?  There are thousands of such questions which arise in our minds which will be cleared by Salman as he guides us through the entire process in simple language.

There are several ways to increase traffic or attract users to your website which are explained by him below:

Increase your online presence on social media: In order to make sure, you get a decent number of visitors on your online store you have to build brand awareness and a certain kind of buzz around your product. This is possible through social media as majority of online users are hooked on to various social media platforms for a better part of their online time making it one of the best methods of reaching a wide customer base. Its also cost effective as its absolutely free. Focus your marketing efforts on platforms where your target customers are most active. Having quality content is also one of the major reasons why your social media campaign can be a success. Social media marketing is one of the most powerful tools which can help in driving online traffic to your online store.

Make use of Email marketing: Another method of driving traffic to your online store is by sending engaging email newsletters to diverse groups. Many entrepreneurs underestimate the power of email marketing, but it has the potential to affect your business in a positive way and help it grow profoundly.

Using proper SEO rankings: Getting your online store name to the top of search engine results is bound to work in a big way. How? An average person uses Google search for any product information and by getting your name on the top guarantees clicks which will land the user directly to your website or landing page. This is a very powerful medium to get maximum traffic to your online store.

“If the above mentioned methods are used in a proper manner, it can help bring traffic in huge numbers which would directly impact the growth of your online business,” says Salman.