Sam Safahi: The Real Teen Titan!

Sam Safahi: The Real Teen Titan!

It is said that man is his own worst enemy. There are people who are trying to make this world a better place and then there are those whose irresponsible behavior is making it bad for everyone. One of the biggest problems that we as a human race face is that we have forgotten our responsibilities towards society. The world is our home and it is the responsibility of each and every person living in it to make it a cleaner and healthier place for everyone.

Speaking of taking up responsibility, Sam Safahi, a native of Orinda has recently gained some attention because of his actions.

Who Is Sam Safahi?

He is just a humble teenager with a big heart. These days teenagers prefer to play video games in their free time, Sam Safahi on the other hand spends his free time cleaning trash from nearby parks and other areas.

He is also an experienced software developer who has a passion for making this world a better place. He even spends the money he earns through software development on the betterment of society.

Why Should We All Do What Sam Safahi Does?

Every year, millions of animals die because of unclean and unhygienic environment. One of the most significant factors causing this is littering. This careless and irresponsible behavior is not only effecting animals but also human beings. Unclean environments can be the cause of many diseases in animals and plants. It can drastically effect the eco system. Germs can travel from one place to another due to wind and this cause the disease to spread. Many people just litter on the streets without caring about the consequences. You may throw something on the street and move on, it’s the people who come after you that get effected by it. An entire book can be written on the effects on uncleanliness on the environment and living beings but still many people choose to ignore its impact. In addition to fighting against unclean environment, he also plays his role in helping the poor.

His actions are good but if we want to see a big change then we all have to play a responsible role towards the betterment of society.

Sam Safahi’s Participation In The Betterment Of Society

Sam Safahi, even at his young age, realizes the importance of cleanliness.  He knows that it is imperative for the survival of human race to create a more clean and healthy environment.

What Sam Safahi is doing is the responsibility of each and every person in the world but what makes it special is that he is actually putting in effort. He is accepting his responsibility and doing his part. Many people would feel shy picking up garbage that other people left on the street, not Sam.

Parks are meant to make the atmosphere better with clean oxygen and greenery however people don’t realize this. This is why littering is very common in parks all over the world. Sam regularly cleans up trash from parks in his area. He can be found cleaning trash from Moraga Commons Park and Oringa Parks which are two of the main parks in his area. Sam Safahi does not feel bad doing all these things instead he takes pride in it. Up till now he has donated around $2500 to food shelters and homeless people in his area and he plans to donate much more in the coming months.

This planet is our home. Would you like it if your home is dirty at all times? Or if one member of your family hasn’t eaten in days? Well, no one would like it. If we start considering Earth as our home and everyone living in it as our family, we too can become a hero like Sam Safahi. He is an example to many. His actions should not just be applauded but also be a lesson to each and every person in this world. No matter your age, and no matter you social status, it is your duty to not just pick up trash but also avoid and discourage people who do it. By doing so, we will be able to create a more healthy, clean and supportive environment for ourselves and our future generations.