Samsung Galaxy Note 20 only got one of the iPhone’s best features

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 only got one of the iPhone’s best features

Samsung has followed some guidelines from Apple’s experience and upgraded its Find My Mobile application with offline support so Galaxy phones can be situated by other Galaxy gadgets regardless of whether the lost handset isn’t associated with a network.

The update to the Find My Mobile feature was spotted by XDA Developer’s Max Weinbach, and has evidently been turning out over the past couple of days. Our Galaxy Note 10 Plus presently can’t seem to get the update, yet that is could be on the grounds that we’re using the handset in the UK and the update probably won’t have arrive at British shores yet.

The updatedFind My Mobile application works by using a Galaxy gadget to examine a region for other lost Galaxy devices. It’s not satisfactory how precisely it does this, however it could most likely search for MAC addresses identifying with a lost gadget’s Bluetooth connection to find the gadget or use close field communication tech to distinguish close by Galaxy gadgets.

This is a feature iPhones and iPads have had for some time now, with the Find My iPhone/iPad application, which comes installed on the gadgets by default, to find gadgets regardless of whether they don’t have a network connection.

In all actuality, both Samsung’s and Apple offline location feature will expect individuals to be in the zones where they lost their phone. In any case, it could make finding a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra that is fallen out of somebody’s pocket and into some long grass much simpler process; we don’t advise you get negligent with guaranteeing your phone is secure in your pocket or handbag when you’re making the rounds.

There’s additionally another feature in the Find my Mobile application that permits clients to “encrypt offline location.” It’s not satisfactory what that is for yet we’d danger a supposition that its a path for a lost Galaxy gadget to obscure its location except if somebody has the right password for it when scanning for its location. Or then again it could be an additional layer of security to keep the gadget’s location information secured and away from gadgets that probably won’t be looking for it straightforwardly.

On the off chance that you don’t have the update yet you can either sit tight for it to be pushed out to your Galaxy gadget or you can go to Samsung’s Galaxy Store to download it, giving it’s arrived at the online store in your country.