Samsung Launches Two Chic Battery Banks That Can Charge at up to 45W

Samsung Launches Two Chic Battery Banks That Can Charge at up to 45W

Even with the excellent battery life of Samsung’s most recent Galaxy S24 series, occasional situations involving running out of charge while on the go are unavoidable for smartphone owners. To address this, Samsung just unveiled two brand-new official battery banks that combine quick charging and USB-C into a stylish design.

These days, battery banks are practically widely available. Finding anything at a good price requires almost no work, but more often than not, the design is not very great and the quality varies.

It’s for those two reasons that Samsung’s new battery banks stand out.

Two brand-new Samsung batteries are offered. Samsung claims that a 20,000 mAh battery bank can get up to 45W of charging power. That is sufficient to fully charge a tablet or, in an emergency, a USB-C laptop, and it equals the maximum pace of Galaxy flagships. The bank includes a color-matched cord in the box and features three USB-C connections.

Though it’s not particularly eye-catching, the basic beige colour of the battery looks great. The battery weights 12.35 ounces, or little more than 0.75 lbs, according to Samsung.

There will also be a 10,000 mAh battery bank with integrated wireless charging available soon. Although it only has a 25W maximum output and loses one of the USB-C connections, this model is identical to the previous in terms of design.