Samsung propels a 110-inch version of its MicroLED ‘Wall’ TV

Samsung propels a 110-inch version of its MicroLED ‘Wall’ TV

Samsung has launched a 110-inch MicroLED TV, and it’s presently up for pre-sale in Korea. The tech giant has been exhibiting gigantic displays that use MicroLED technology over the past two years.

It revealed a 146-inch TV called The Wall at CES 2018, and it flaunted a 75-inch model and a 219-inch display at a similar event a year ago. Those displays, be that as it may, are modular and require installation. This model is pre-assembled and can be installed like any traditional TV.

While Samsung’s MicroLED TV technology is adaptable and can be used to make displays of any size, the organization clarified in its declaration that it wasn’t beforehand conceivable to mass-produce a MicroLED screen as small as 110-inch for simple home installation.

To have the option to release this product, it needed to build up a new surface mount technology and a new manufacturing process got from its semiconductor business. Those will give Samsung an approach to create significantly more modest MicroLED displays for shoppers later on.

The 110-inch model can display 4K HDR content and utilizations micrometer-sized LED lights that can last for a decade. It has a Multi View feature that can show up to four sources of content at the same time on split screens that can be up to 55 inches in size.

The model likewise accompanies 5.1 surround sound capability and a feature that tracks objects moving on screen —, for example, airplanes flying by — so it can extend sounds to follow them. In spite of the fact that the model is just up for pre-sale in Korea right now, the model will be accessible all around the world in the first quarter of 2021.