Saudi Advertising Firm Alamiya Assists Wesam Kattan-Led Film Startup Lyra Pictures

Saudi Advertising Firm Alamiya Assists Wesam Kattan-Led Film Startup Lyra Pictures

Driving Saudi publicizing and live occasions organization Alamiya has moved into film production by gaining fire up shingle Lyra Pictures, helped to establish by experienced media executive Wesam Kattan, who was essential for the Viacom group that sent off MTV Arabia.

Alamiya was established in 1976 as the main film and television studio in the realm, however had to change its field-tested strategy in the mid 1980s because of the prohibition on film constrained by strict traditionalists. That boycott was lifted 35 years after the fact in late 2017.

Lyra Pictures, which was helped to establish in 2022 by Kattan (envisioned) and the board specialist Bassma El-Afghani — the two of them recently worked at Dubai-based Genomedia Studios, where Kattan was VP of content — is a startup that is embracing an information driven film improvement methodology.

“Most of my career in marketing for broadcast was really [about] being joined at the hip with the guys at the research department and commissioning studies and analyzing ratings in order to better understand the audience and provide a content proposition that resonates with everybody and obviously makes commercial sense,” Kattan told Variety.

That approach spoke to Ruler Al Muheisen, the administrator and President of Alamiya, who was hoping to join current and conventional ways to deal with film creation in bringing Alamiya back to the filmmaking space,” Kattan noted.

While the organization’s ventures in different progressive phases are as yet being left hidden, Lyra Pictures is currently drawing in nearby ability and IP while additionally hoping to administration, and collaborate with, global creations shooting in Saudi Arabia.