SBK has been recognized by many institutions and listed on liquid mining pools at the same time

SBK has been recognized by many institutions and listed on liquid mining pools at the same time

According to reports, Smart Block is controlled by the joint investors of the Global Blockchain Financial Alliance (SBK Foundation), including DBS Bank Singapore, ASIA Capital Singapore, Japan’s SoftBank Group and the US KPCB Venture Capital Company. The strong background makes the SBK Foundation Rich in ecological resources in the world

Prior to this, after a year of technical research and development and system architecture, the SmartBlock team has researched the trading model that best fits the current crypto market trading trend. The localization team has rich experience and abundant resources.

SmartBlock has the world’s top R&D team and security experts. The founding team of the exchange is composed of the world’s top high-tech enterprise elites. It includes not only blockchain early evangelists and Internet serial entrepreneurs, but also traditional financial practitioners and venture capital VCs. As well as the elites of the AI ​​artificial intelligence industry, escorting the safety of investors’ funds

The SBK Foundation was formally established in Singapore in December 2020. SBK adheres to the concept of “consensus value”, through smart data confirmation, redistribution of value, return of data ownership to individuals, and let every piece of data generate value! The public chain SBK was born from this.

The Smart Block project vision provides intelligent sharing, intelligent co-governance, transparent and safe underlying services for the trillion-level big data economy market in the future. Create an intelligent ecological model of one main chain that is the consensus of thousands of enterprise side chains, empower enterprises in all directions, create a one-stop de-neutralized service-oriented AI intelligent public chain, and solve the pain points of cumbersome enterprise blockchain operation and circulation. For details, please refer to the “Smart Block White Paper”.

In November 2021, SBK will fully open the global Initial Coin Offering, which is an important part of SBK’s global community growth plan. It is of great significance to the sound construction and sustainable development of the SBK community in the future. In addition, the global community created by SBK is precisely to build a global community covering various industries such as AI intelligence, Internet, finance, 5G technology, etc., so as to realize the true digital age of artificial intelligence. We sincerely invite global consensus groups and companies to witness the development of SBK and the future of the value of smart blockchain technology.

Regarding SBK’s token acquisition method, the most important of which is that SBK is obtained as a smart blockchain technology DEFI+ liquidity mining. After the POS mechanism + POP mechanism confirms the rights of the data, the activity rewards are retrieved and used, the value is redistributed again, and data mining is generated. Every SBK obtained by the consensus group is a manifestation of the value of personal data. This method will surely lay a solid market foundation in the future smart blockchain market and open up a broader path for the development of SBK.