Scantific Launches Versatile Scanning Thermometer with Mask-Detection for COVID-19 Prevention

Scantific Launches Versatile Scanning Thermometer with Mask-Detection for COVID-19 Prevention

NEW YORK—August 7, 2020—Scantific, maker of medical electronics, announced today that it has launched a new Scanning Thermometer with the ability to detect if a person is wearing a face-covering mask. The device, which can be deployed in a variety of use cases and mounts, enables schools and businesses to screen people for fever and mask compliance, which are both essential to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It can read a person’s temperature in two seconds.

“Keeping people safe from COVID-19 infection relies on keeping people with fevers out of public places,” said a spokesperson for Scantific. “This is the problem we solve. In addition, our built-in mask detection capability alerts system users if people are not complying with mask policies. Our hope is that our technology can help businesses and schools reopen so society can return to normal as quickly as possible despite the pandemic.”

The Scantific Scanning Thermometer features a fever alarm system that rings when a subject has a temperature over 100.4° F (38° C). The mask detector uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to differentiate people who are wearing masks from those who are not. It is based on facial recognition technology. The Wi-Fi connected Scanning Thermometer can be integrated with ticketing systems and automatic doors in order to limit entry access to individuals who may be at risk of spreading the infection.

Easy to set up and use, Scanning Thermometer works with a variety of mounts. It has a wall-mount by default. Desktop mounts, along with 60CM and110CM stands are also available. Alternatively, a stand with a built-in hand sanitizer dispenser helps users keep their hands clean with having their temperatures taken.

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