SCF Hacker Marathon Fund Plan Officially Launched

SCF Hacker Marathon Fund Plan Officially Launched

SCF Investment Management, a prominent investment firm, is excited to announce the official launch of the SCF Hacker Marathon Fund Plan today, aimed at promoting the development of a more robust blockchain ecosystem. As the incubation engine for the SCF public chain ecosystem, this fund organization will cultivate talent in areas such as technology, finance, and economics through global hacker marathons, academic research incentives, and other means. Its goal is to drive innovation in blockchain technology and build the SCF public chain into the world’s third-largest financial public chain.

In the future, SCF will vigorously advance the Hacker Marathon Fund Plan, covering various aspects such as talent cultivation, industry integration, project incubation, technology/academic research incentives, community building, and supporting the development of a new round of ecosystem projects. Specifically, this includes:

  • IDO Sales: The foundation will support the IDO process of high-value ecosystem projects, providing liquidity support to propel their development.
  • Deep Strategic Collaborations: Strategic collaborations have already been established with multiple companies in the DeFi, gaming, and artificial intelligence industries. These partnerships aim to provide designated liquidity platforms for projects and foster their development.
  • Airdrop Benefits: Through airdrop activities, the foundation will offer benefits to users supporting projects, encouraging more participation and support for project development.

In 2024, SCF Hacker Marathon will host a series of events globally, attracting cryptocurrency pioneers, technical protocol developers, and millions of supporters. The events include hacker marathon summits in locations such as Los Angeles, Seoul, Tokyo, Bali, Mumbai, Pakistan, Kuala Lumpur, Nigeria, and Singapore.

Supporters can participate in the SCF Hacker Marathon Fund by donating, and in return, they will receive equivalent FSP tokens for free, becoming contributors to the project. FSP tokens serve not only as digital tokens but also provide multiple rights, including platform dividends, liquidity mining, cross-chain transaction fee payments, and community governance voting. The total supply is 10,000,000,000 FSP tokens, allocated to SCF Hacker Marathon Fund management donation airdrop reserves, liquidity mining share, FSP Lab continuous contributions and ecosystem contributions, FSP operations and technical development, and community promotion plans.

The SCF Hacker Marathon Fund Plan, through the systematic distribution of FSP tokens, aims to reward early community members, incentivizing more people to participate in the incubation and community building of the SCF public chain ecosystem. The plan is dedicated to inspiring innovation, nurturing talent, driving community development, and contributing to the prosperity of the digital ecosystem. We warmly invite global users to actively participate and collaborate with the SCF Hacker Marathon Fund Plan to jointly build the future of the digital age. Whether seeking collaboration opportunities, pursuing innovative inspiration, or aspiring to contribute to the innovation wave of the digital era, the SCF Hacker Marathon Fund will be your best partner, collectively crafting a brilliant chapter in the digital age and building a tomorrow of innovation!