Sebrae offers startups with added benefits worth up to BRL $250,000

Sebrae offers startups with added benefits worth up to BRL $250,000

Benefits include around BRL$250,000 in benefits on AWS, Zoho, Zendesk, Google Cloud, and Microsoft platforms, as well as up to 90% off on apps like Pipedrive, Slack, Notion, and Hubspot.

The Sebrae Startups platform, which unites all Sebrae activities for early-stage Brazilian entrepreneurs, was introduced during the Web Summit Rio in May 2023. It compiles a range of opportunities for creative entrepreneurs, including financing and acceleration programs.

Since the brand’s send off as of not long ago, in excess of 6,000 new businesses have been enlisted, and around 50 projects in 13 Brazilian states have been declared.

By enrolling for nothing on the stage, new companies get content and updates about the biological system, alongside admittance to an Advantages Club.

Up to this point, around 15 accomplices have been chosen to offer different advantages, however the objective is to arrive at 30 before the month’s over and extend.

Benefits incorporate limits of up to 90% on devices like Pipedrive, Slack, Thought, and Hubspot, as well as over BRL$250,000 in benefits on stages like AWS, Zoho, Zendesk, Google Cloud, and Microsoft. They are isolated into bronze, silver, and gold to reclaim, contingent upon the startup’s level.

“We seek benefits that can truly offer infrastructure so that startups don’t have to pay for it now. Cloud infrastructure, communication tools, productivity tools, and processes,” explains Alexandre Souza, project coordinator at Sebrae in Santa Catarina, and Sebrae Startups specialist.

By far most of chosen players have organized programs for beginning phase new companies, including gas pedals and hatcheries.

“They are usually companies that have been in the market for a while, offer advantages, and have specific programs for startups.

“The projection is to reach BRL$500,000 in funds when they become available on the platform. All of this is cash for the startup in this initial phase,” adds Souza.

Sasha Weber, Alura’s collusion leader, adds that these sorts of activities are vital for support the improvement of new businesses.

“Benefits Clubs are a great way to encourage training and the evolution of technology, as well as facilitate access to different courses and actions that make sense for entrepreneurs at different stages of their business,” emphasizes the executive.

Notwithstanding the Club, business visionaries approach preparing, speed increase, and venture programs presented by Sebrae.

A few models incorporate Inova Amazônia, which centers around supporting and producing new economical and creative organizations, reinforcing the Amazonian business environment, and interfacing business people, the market, and financial backers.

Inova New businesses, a startup improvement program that joins monetary venture with a developmental schedule offering mentorship, studios, associations, and strong networks. Drives from all Brazilian states are available on the stage.