See all 11 grills for the 2021 Ford F-150

See all 11 grills for the 2021 Ford F-150

The better than ever 2021 Ford F-150 appeared yesterday, carrying with it a couple of highlights accessible on the full-size pickup just because.

A portion of the features incorporate a discretionary crossover powertrain – which the company calls “PowerBoost” – another 12.0-inch touchscreen, and Ford’s Co-Pilot 360 security suite accessible as a choice. Be that as it may, you may have missed this: Of the F-150’s 13 trims, 11 of them have remarkable grille plans.

XL/XL Chrome

The F-150 XL and the XL Chrome are the entry-level renditions of this truck, so expect them two have a moderately fundamental structure.

The plastic vertical supports and black additions coordinate the truck’s moderate disposition, and keeping in mind that there’s nothing facny about this grille, it despite everything looks great.


The F-150 STX has an increasingly quelled grille plan by correlation, yet it looks more pleasant. As opposed to the vertical supports and black plastics supplements of the XL and XL Chrome models, the STX sports a dark work treatment around the Ford logo and body-shaded encompass.

That gives the truck’s grille a cleaner look, as opposed to the dark plastic encompasses on the two passage level models.


The F-XLT is the first in the new F-150 territory to get chrome. A chrome encompass wraps an essential dark grille that appears to be like the base XL and XL Chrome models.

The inside segment of the grille wears a comparative dark plastic treatment with vertical supports and flat accents to the one found on the section level models.

XLT Chrome

The F-150 XLT Chrome – you got it – gets considerably more chrome. Joining the XLT model’s chrome encompass is another level supplement that folds over the Ford logo.

Like the XLT, the XLT Chrome likewise gets another brilliant completion on the lower segment of the guard.

XLT Sport

The F-150 XLT Sport trench chrome instead of a gunmetal-shaded encompass and full-width trim piece.

The dark plastic supplements are greater, as well, and the chrome complement on the lower part of the XLT and XLT Chrome model disappears instead of a body-shaded finish instead.


The F-150 Lariat gets a greater number of extravagances than the greater part of the past models referenced, and that is clear by taking a gander at the grille.

The huge, chrome trim piece – up front – indicates the Lariat’s increasingly upscale look. That element expands the width of the grille and sets with thin vertical supports behind it, just as more chrome on the front bumper.

Lariat Chrome

The F-150 Lariat Chrome gets a similar level supplement as the customary Lariat model, just now the vertical black braces are traded for chrome supports.

That additional chrome gives the truck a progressively upscale look, and like the customary Lariat, the Chrome model likewise gets a sparkly treatment let down on the bumper.

Lariat Sport

The F-150 Lariat Sport loses the entirety of the chrome from the two other Lariat models, rather covering that large flat trim piece in a dull gunmetal finish.

The vertical supports likewise return to black, and the chrome highlight on the lower part of the guard currently gets a body-shaded completion.

King Ranch/King Ranch Chrome

The F-150 King Ranch and King Ranch Chrome have a special grille plan that right away isolates the two models from the remainder of the range. There’s a gold-shaded trim piece that broadens the width of the grille, combined to coordinating gold embeds all through.

The main thing that isolates the two trucks is the lower bit of the guard: The ordinary F-150 King Ranch gets a coordinating gold-hued guard while the King Ranch Chrome gets a sparkling bumper.


The F-150 Platinum utilizes a similar grille structure as the King Ranch and King Ranch Chrome models: a full-width bar and coordinating additions.

Just it loses the exceptional gold shading of those two models, trading it for a typical silver completion. The F-150 Platinum additionally gets a body-shaded lower bumper.


The F-150 Limited has the most one of a kind grille of all. Despite the fact that it gets a similar full-width bar piece as the past three trims, the Limited gets a bigger silver encompass, one of a kind silver vertical braces, and the “LIMITED” wordmark over the top.