See what Deisy Suarez-Giles has to say about relationship

See what Deisy Suarez-Giles has to say about relationship

The owner of DESUAR Spa is Deisy Suarez-Giles in downtown LA. Her obsession began years earlier when she was a kid,she joined the beauty and wellness industry more than 16 years ago as a makeup artist in NYC. Deisy is also an actress, philanthropist, writer, producers of material and animal lovers as the wife and mother of two young sons.

After earning her BA in Marketing Communications at UTESA in 2002 she was freelance as a makeup artist with works in numerous shops, beauty shows, and was at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. DESUAR Cosmetics launched her first entrepreneurial venture in 2004 with her design and practical expertise. She has created a high-end make-up producer for herself and her consumers in partnership with Dr. SrinivasSrivas, research director of French Fragrance Imports Co.

She received her certificates from the Learning Institution of Beauty Science in the same year as editorial creating, body art modelling, and make-up for special effects. Deisy worked in studio sets and mode shows until 2006 when she decided to move to the West Coast as a makeup artist, due to additional expertise and new making up models. She continued her art in LA and became more interested in the well-being of the industry and provided spa services from a hair salon in North Hollywood at the beginning of 2010. Then in 2010, Deisy moved to her home where she enjoyed facials, body and skin treatments and other beauty facilities for her growing clients.

Marriage Material: How I Met My Husband” is a comprehensive account of the misadventure and exploits of Suarez-Giles as she looked for her husband — first in Los Angeles, and later worldwide. The book also shows about how she finally met her husband, the unforeseeable non-guest marriage of the pair and the way they overcome hardship to start a life.

The book discusses relationships, love, and marriage as well. Her hot-bitter wedding day was one of the significant challenges in her book that the spa owner tackled. When she married the love of her life, she was away from her loved ones. That is why Deisy knows how daunting it is for people outside their communities during this pandemic.

For Deisy, she was so confident he wasn’t in Los Angeles and probably somewhere far north. She flew all over Paris, Monaco, Saint Tropez and New York in the expectation of bumping into lust. She did not, though, to her deceit.

The book also explores partnerships, passion and marriage. Her bitter-sweet wedding day was one of the big obstacles the spa owner addressed in her book. She was apart from her loved ones when she married the love of her life. That is why Deisy understands how tough it is during this pandemic for people away from their families.

She is now blessed with two lovely children. She is working as a team to operate their prosperous California spa company. She worked tirelessly for her friendship and kept fire and love in her marriage burning. As beauty and fitness author, businesswoman and philanthropist, Keith continues to support the work of his wife.