Sensational rapper Omar El Sherif is here to stay

Sensational rapper Omar El Sherif is here to stay

There’s nothing like meeting a fantastic new artist — especially one who’s ahead of the pack — but they’re not always easy to come by. The growing DIY culture in music has flooded the market with bands and singers vying for stardom, making it even more difficult for newbies to break through.

Omar El Sherif is a young gun who has been so influential that his music and voice have transcended international boundaries. It’s no wonder that this Egypt born dream-pop sensation is rapidly rising in popularity.

Omar, who happens to be a rapper- singer, is recording all his songs in GAD music studio. His new song is called “Hoot El Bahr El Ahmar.”

The song subtly tells about his life, including the amount of work he put in and the way he navigated through all the challenges with full strength and how hard it would have been for some other person to face what he had gone through.

The 26 year old Egyptian rapper’s latest track is a song inspired by the widely read and appreciated novel, “The Life of Pi.”

He also wrote about the song in a press release.

He said to his fans on social media that the music video will be out very soon once his team is done with the editing work.

“I can’t wait to share it with you guys,” he captioned one of his posts.

Omar has been so calculative in managing his personal and professional life. He believes that it is very hard to leave the family but at the end of the day, hustle is what matters to him.

“As lonely and emotional as one can get when leaving his home along with the loved ones, sometimes you have to let go of these things and going with the flow is the only option left,” said Omar.