Service Comes First: Networking with Sebastian Beja

Service Comes First: Networking with Sebastian Beja

What did you do to help decide what you wanted to do career-wise?

I used an exercise called heaven on earth which dramatically changed the course of my life and clarified my direction. It helps you get a closer look at why you are in this planet and your soul’s purpose here. 

Google it and do it for yourself. It’s really powerful. 

Also remembering that life is a mirror of what you value, digging into my values helped me figure out who I wanted to help which gave me the purpose I needed to keep goin

What advice would you give to others hoping to accomplish what you’ve done?

Money always follow value. 

Aim to add more value than you get paid for. If you’re currently working with someone and you see new ways to help them, get involved. 

Add value to people who are one level above you, genuinely offer your help can get your foot in the door and then more opportunities will come from that

What are you most excited about in the future?

Recently, we launched what we call a platform of opportunities (like a marketplace of jobs) that provides extra income opportunities and employability to our graduates that do our money-mindset and skill-set programs. This new initiative make sense as now we have more than 3,000 students worldwide and 2,000 in LATAM in just 1 year.

We have had many success stories from our students applying the mindset and technical skill-set we teach them. They have been able to create anywhere from $2,000  USD, $5,000 USD, $20,000 USD and even $100,000 USD either in their existing job or in their own business. Others have been able to to get out of debt and economic stagnation. 

This project seeks to bring down three industries.

First, the digital courses with very high prices and that do not transform people. 

Second, the traditional education industry that is exclusive, expensive and semi-obsolete. 

Third, the HR industry that charges a lot of money to get capable people with good mindsets and lucrative skills.

This will happen in the next 3-5 years through our Elevate programs and our new platform that focuses on connecting our students with lucrative employability opportunities in the US and LATAM companies in less than 90 days, after taking our programs. 

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