Should You Sign-Up For Outside SEO Help?

Should You Sign-Up For Outside SEO Help?

SEO is a powerful tool unlike any other, able to boost your company up and above the competition and let customers find you first. If you’re new to this, it might seem almost magical at how quickly and well it works: but it’s important that you know what you’re doing.

Taking the wrong steps can ruin your company’s ranking. Instead of fixing it, these are the top reasons you should consider looking for outside help.

Have You Done SEO Work Before?

One of the main reasons people work with SEO agencies is they’re able to admit that they’re new and want to start off on the right foot. If you’re new to SEO, you might make mistakes that could hurt your company and leave your ranking even lower. Things like link spamming, keyword spamming, or even poorly editing and updating your site, could ruin your chances of getting anywhere near the first page of search results. If you’ve never done SEO work before, it’s better to trust the professionals.

What’s Your Budget?

What type of budget are you working with? If you have zero revenue right now and don’t yet have your product or service ready: wait until you do. You don’t want to make these links lead to a dead website since this can hurt your chances of success.  

Try to build savings for your business that you can use to advertise once your company is ready for it.

Where Is Your Site Ranked Now?

When you search for keywords that have to do with your company, where are you listed? On the first page? The first ten pages? Most businesses are at least three pages back, far away from the average searcher on Google.  

If you’re struggling to even break within the first three pages: it’s time to seek help. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can see your company grow once it’s placed in the right hands.

What Type of Product or Service Do You Offer?

Regardless of how unique your product may feel to you, there are thousands of companies out there competing directly against you. The more common an idea, the more competition there will be. If you sell clothing or run a print shop, you’re going to be competing against countless people who all want success as much as you do.

It’s important to trust your company’s future with someone who understands you.

Do You Have Any Tech Experience?

Do you have any tech experience under your belt? To understand conversion rates, the importance of link building, or why pull ads are more important than push ads? Although you could spend years getting to know the ins and outs of SEO and the tech marketing world, it’s far more affordable and easier to simply hire professionals who already know what they’re doing for your business.

SEO Is A Powerful Tool for Everyone

Regardless of whether you’re new to SEO or you’ve worked in this for a while, it’s important to give your company every chance possible to succeed. Consider working with professionals to get ahead!