Simone Etere Instagram influencer and celebrity – her ambition towards the million

Simone Etere Instagram influencer and celebrity – her ambition towards the million

Having a million followers on social media isn’t easy, and for many a very distant dream. For the influencer, artist and athletic trainer Simone Etere, this is his moment of glory after a long period of struggle. Simone recently revealed his journey to success and what kept him motivated and active.

Simone Etere is an Instagram celebrity, an international model who has represented famous brands such as Puma, AmTourister, FreshHoods, Chimi, Gillette and Lanistar. With over a million followers, Simone knows the power of her charm and uses it wisely. “Before accepting the proposals, look at the brand to see if it can also interest to its followers. But beyond that, look at the quality it offers, because it does not offer useless brands to its fans.”

Born in Italy, Simone is a Calisthenics personal trainer, having fallen in love with him at the young age of eleven, and today he closely follows the industry with networking. Her fans around the world can also see the latest tips and advice for keeping fit. He offers calisthenics courses in Umbria, has worked with over ten brands and is looking forward to collaborating with others, and is also called upon to collaborate with hotels and resorts all over the world. Thanks to his talent, Simone has collaborated with individuals and companies all over the world, from the Canary Islands to Sweden and of course in Italy where he comes from.

The road to success didn’t come easy to Simone, who faced several hurdles, but kept his head high and did not stop believing in his dreams. “I found this path thanks to my tenacity in believing in my dreams. I never stopped at the first obstacle, and I was always with my head held high. Thanks to that, I am here now,” he says.

Simone’s plan has always been to believe in himself and create content to interact with his followers. His strategy revolves around the transmission of unique sensations. He made many mistakes, tried many times and made sacrifices. His ambition and perseverance kept him going, bringing him fame he had never imagined until now.

Thanks to his ambition and willingness to improve his art, he founded some of his unique movements. An example is a 360 degree rotation, performed with only one arm on the bar, or by hooking the nape of the neck and hanging using only the strength of the neck.

Eventually, the family retains its importance to Simone. This is the safe and loving place where interests and feelings are passed down from one generation to the next. For Simon there is another very important thing in his life, and it is faith in God, from which he draws strength and motivation for his plans.

In addition, on Instagram he is famous with the name “s17ne” which has a great meaning for him. S17NE combines his name, Simone, with his date of birth, but it also has a deeper meaning. The number “17” has a close connection with God: 7 are the gifts of the Holy Spirit and 10 are the Commandments.