Simplify your Job Searching experience with the Connester Mobile App

Simplify your Job Searching experience with the Connester Mobile App

Whether or not you are located in the USA, Europe, or Australia, Connester is your best buddy when it comes to finding the best job opportunities. First off, Connester is an incredible mobile app that offers relevant job search options and features. With some usual and some unique features, you can kick start your career with this useful tool. At the same time, if you have the experience, the app can find the best job openings only for you.

One of the best features of this app is that the employer can contact the suitable Candidate directly. Apart from that, you can find and apply for jobs online and search using a variety of filters. All you need is to open an account with Connester and quickly create your online profile. After that, just watch the magic of this mobile app seamlessly fetch tons of job opportunities for you.

Perhaps it would be best if we take a sneak peek at the company that has developed this ground-breaking Android app – Connester. With the company headquarters located in Angamoozhy, Kerala, the main focus revolves around the betterment of seeking proper job opportunities to young talents. That has always been the motto of the founder as well, Mr. Subeesh Bose. He has relevant experience in this particular industry. So, you can expect quality service from the organization, whether you are experienced or a fresher.

It is time to discuss the features of the Connester app now. Needless to say, the app has some quality features. To start with, we need to consider the “Advance Search” option, which has plenty of in-built features that will eventually help you to find the best possible job opportunities. The best part is you can search for the local job openings as well.

It is good news for the Job Appliers as the options that you will get if you are one are top-notch. Similarly, it is a paradise for Employers as well. If you are an Employer, you can navigate between a ton of search parameters that will allow you to pick the best possible Candidates. Of course, for the Verified users, there are more robust features to scrutinize and choose the best what you need. Subsequently, you will get job alerts as well as new resumes depending upon whether you are a Candidate or an Employer, respectively. Moreover, Connester also makes sure you won’t get any spammy notifications.

With Connester, you can watch over new job openings in your locality with ease. The app can check on every social media networking site for any job vacancies that match your skillset. At the same time, you can also get job alerts for Private Jobs at the locations that you choose. Another critical aspect is with this app; you can make direct contact with the Candidate if you are an Employer. Moreover, the reverse order is also applicable if in case you are a Candidate.

The discussion of any mobile app is usually incomplete if we don’t talk about its User Interface. For the most part, the Connester app did the best job. The fact that the app intends to provide the users an easy to use interface makes it more lovable. So, if you know what you want, you can quickly check on the various categories seamlessly. At the same time, you can share Job Circulars on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or any popular social media sites.

Subeesh Bose (Founder and CEO of Connester)

It is expected of the Connester app to deliver prompt suggestions regarding your career. With this app, you can showcase the ideal profile that would surely attract the Employers. Additionally, the app offers job information about your related domains, so that you can prepare yourself better. You can see Salary information and also fetch essential data regards to the company benefits and perks that they offer.

Almost every Connester user will agree to the fact that the app is easy to access. You can get it on Google Playstore and start building your profile. For creating a profile, you will need a valid Email Address for starters, along with a working Phone Number where interested people can contact you. Also, you need to upload your resume or CV in PDF format so that you can complete the Full Verification process.

After you complete your Full Verification process, you will get the list of categories that you can select. Choose those which you know and confident. You can see, Employers will start showing their interest in you and will contact you for an interview. There are options to share any particular job to social networking sites to get maximum attention. That’s not all, the app also has the “Live Chat” feature installed in it for quick assistance.

All things considered, Connester is a mobile app that you can rely upon; be that a Candidate or an Employer. You can grab it from Google Playstore; so, hurry up!