Single NFT Offer $3 Million – Walt Disney & Ape’s Hidden Mistress (AHM) NFT Project Is Going Viral!

Single NFT Offer $3 Million – Walt Disney & Ape’s Hidden Mistress (AHM) NFT Project Is Going Viral!

If you just search on Google “Walt Disney Adult Content”, you will be able to see that they are now focusing on some 18 years and older contents for their film making.

Walt Disney said that they will be entering into Adult Content starting 2021. An NFT Project called Ape’s Hidden Mistress (AHM), is officially their adult content NFT film they will be creating. Many Wall Street top investors have got into this NFT investment and they are the armies that are offering $1 million to $3 million for a single NFT of Ape’s Hidden Mistress.

Walt Disney is doing an “Adult Content films” and AHM will be one of their first animation films, Tarzan’s Hidden Mistress. This industry is much bigger than their original target audience, children of the world. They have many surprises every week that allows EVERY NFT MINTERS to make $15,000 every month, while the value of NFT will continue to rise.

It would not be a smart move to sell it immediately for $1 million to $3 million to those Wall Street investors. As mentioned before, these investors are low-balling everyone. Just last week, it was just $1 million average, but it has already increased to $3 million per each NFT.

They are doing this because the experts know the fact that if anyone just hold on to Ape’s Hidden Mistress’s NFT, they will be earning $15,000+ every month, while their NFT value will rise up to $15 million, or potentially up to $50 million, according to Wall Street experts.

Nobody wants to miss this chance. It is a once in a lifetime NFT Project where anyone can win FREE NFT for just being online on Discord.

Basically, if you are “the first minter, (not holders from secondary market place)” practically you will be making over $15000+ USD every month or sell for $1 Million to $3 Million immediately to massive Wall Street investors (waiting buyers).

A reason they changed their event rulejust today, thousands of top stock brokers who never use Discord, made an account just to win their Random Daily Giveaway. After realizing these top investors are not Discord users, but comes online once a week for a few seconds to check if they won… they changed their event rules to online members at specific time.

Walt Diseny and AHM respects “those who were there from the beginning”. Therefore, there are many free airdrops to those who “minted originally, even if they sold their NFTs they will continue to get free airdrops and even earnings from the film, “The Ape, Tarzan’s Hidden Mistress”

All you have to do is to be among the “First” “Original” minters in December 2021, and you are now, set for life, as they will give out many gifts and earnings.

This is a world of NFT where many people are making millions of dollars every day. This NFT Project, Ape’s Hidden Mistress of Walt Disney is now going viral as the mint date is coming in December.

The first and original minters only will get the rewards including an event after a few weeks after the mint date: “The Ape, Tarzan’s Hidden Mistress 3D Graphics NFT free airdrop to all original minters only”.

Anyone can mint sometime in December 2021. Find more on their website,, but most important is to be on their Discord for endless event of “random winning NFT to any online Discord users”.

Also, their Twitter has its own events and the best way to ensure getting an NFT, earning more than top lawyers without doing anything, is tofollow their Twitter, be online on Discord and invite all friends that you know.

Many groups have joined together and decided to share the monthly $15000+ if one of them wins an NFT. It is possible to win more than 1 NFT, but it will be very difficult as experts are saying on the mint date in December, it will be sold out within 2 seconds.

This puts you on earning threshold of prosperity. As you hold on to your stake in the AHM-Walt Disney project by minting the AHM NFT, you stand to:

  • Participate in the weekly surprise and fun giveaways.
  • Enjoy free NFT airdrops as an original first minter.
  • You are also entitled to receive some part of earnings from film production. Tarzan is just one of the many they have already confirmed.

Walt Disney enjoys “surprise events” and “the minters – early loyalists”. Be the first minter, to be set for life. Now is the earliest time. A reminder that they will be giving out “randomly free NFT” to online Discord people until the mint date, so here is their official website, learn more on Discord and their Twitter!

AHM Website: