Skip the Shortcuts and Get There Faster

Skip the Shortcuts and Get There Faster

If there is one thing that forex trader Ben Barker has learned on his journey to financial freedom, it’s that you’ll always reach your target faster if you avoid taking shortcuts.

That’s how, at 27, Ben owns the successful education company BsappsFX, which provides training and mentorship for people who seek financial freedom through forex trading. Launched in May 2019, BsappsFX already has 1,500 members and shows no signs of slowing down.

Through many years of experience in business ownership and his eventual transition into full time trading, Ben has experienced many peaks and pitfalls. Each one was an important step along the way, each an illuminating guidepost on the path to success. Had Ben been obsessed with finding a shortcut, he would have lost the path all together.

For Ben, the journey began early, when he put his flair for entrepreneurship to work in a variety of small enterprises: washing cars for his neighbours and selling candy at school. He was so good at these youthful endeavours that he was ready to start his own legit business by age 17.

Over the next several years, Ben started, grew, and sold many businesses. It took a lot of research and hard work to find success in the business world, and along the way there were significant missteps that set him back. But Ben never let failure stop him from pushing forward.

When Ben became interested in forex trading after witnessing the incredible profits earned by other traders, he was excited to get involved. Sadly, his first foray into the field resulted in the loss of £20,000!

Looking back, Ben acknowledges that he thought he knew more than he did about successful trading. It was a stressful time, and his friends and family encouraged him to stick with his current businesses and avoid losing any more money. But Ben knew that it was all part of the journey and he stuck with it, reading and watching anything he could get his hands on to learn more.

There were further losses in the next few months as Ben practiced his skills. Eventually, he honed in on a reliable strategy and began to see consistent profits. Ben sold his remaining businesses and began to trade forex full time. The money was positively rolling in.

In February 2019, Ben began posting his trading entries on Instagram, where he went live to a small audience on a daily basis. Word spread quickly, and he found himself flooded with requests for mentoring. With only so many hours in the day, Ben realized that he needed a better way to connect with his followers. So, in May 2019, he launched BsappsFX.

It has been a little over a year since then, and a stunning 1,500 people have already joined the BsappsFX community. Ben’s Instagram grew from around 200 followers to 25,000 in the same period to become a thriving environment of support and encouragement for aspiring forex traders.

Because Ben took the long way round to find his success, he is well positioned to help others get there are bit more directly. But, he cautions, “No shortcuts.” Achieving your dream of financial freedom through trading takes time and commitment.

Ben advises people to start by stripping their monthly budgets to the bone in order to build up a 3-month cushion of funds to rely upon as they get started in trading. It’s also important to invest in the proper training. Unfortunately, there are tons of scams out there, so do your research.

Ben started BsappsFX as an antidote to the kind of courses that take your money and dump a bunch of useless shortcuts in your lap. If you are interested in forex trading as a career, take a good look at Ben and BsappsFX. Not only will you learn vital tried-and-true strategies, you’ll become part of a community.

The path can be long, but with BsappsFX, you take the most direct route.