Sky Society Drops Fire New Hit “Feel This”

Sky Society Drops Fire New Hit “Feel This”

Staying relevant during a global pandemic & being able to make an honest living as an independent artist is something that many rising stars struggled with in 2021. With the world on lockdown, it made it essential for artists to find new ways to push their music and get it in front of the people they need to in order for it to succeed. Sky Society, a rising group out of New York has made the adjustments and is ready to make its mark in the world of music.

With a new plan of attack in place, Sky Society recently dropped a handful of songs including “Feel This.” The feel-good song will have you jamming along from beginning to end as Sky Society and Twanz team up to put you in a musical trance. Together these artists have created something beautiful, and the best news is that it is only going to get better from here.

Sky Society is ready to earn its spot as a top contender in the music world. They offer a unique mindset and set of skills that go unparalleled in today’s industry, making them an automatic player in the game. Be sure to keep your eyes on Sky Society, as there is no telling how far they could truly take this thing.

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