Small town girl Ayushka Pandey honoured by AwardsArc

Small town girl Ayushka Pandey honoured by AwardsArc

We never expect a girl so young to walk the stairs of success in such a young age. Fortunately Ayushka Pandey, A teenager from Basti, Uttar Pradesh is recognised as one of THE CHOSEN ONES by AwardsArc.

Ayushka has been writing since class 7th and she got to publish her first write up when she was in class 9th. Her first ever write up was published in “Wonders of Sky”. That particular achievement made her realise that she can go forward in this field and from then till now she has been co-author of more than 40+ anthologies.

Still she faces trouble because of the place where she lives. Basti is not a very developed town and not much students go ahead but Ayushka did it.
It was possible because of the zeal She holds within. She says ,”Being brought up in Basti , I did not face demotivation just by the society but also my family underestimated me for a while because of the orthodox thinking that all these things should be done for timepass and not as a profession.” Right now she’s working on herself to develop, not just herself but also the whole country. She wishes to change people’s mindset towards feminism and Materialism.

She says, “People need to grow towards the positive prespective of life.”

Right now She’s working on her NGO with her companion Apoorva Suryavanshi. For Ayushka her idols are Aryansh Arora and Ishani Agarwal and she says that she got a never give up attitude because of them. She’s a fighter and she never takes anything like Hard Times in her life because somewhere in heart she knows that ,” This too shall pass”.

Ayushka has been selected as one of THE CHOSEN ONES by AwardsArc for her amazing thoughts for country and her journey till now. We all might see Ayushka Pandey as a rising star and pride of our country in our near future.