Smart reveals electric SUV, the first of new generation of all electric vehicle

Smart reveals electric SUV, the first of new generation of all electric vehicle

Smart has disclosed the first model for its new generation of all electric vehicle, known as Concept #1, at the Munich motor show.

“We’re celebrating an important milestone with the smart Concept #1, which is the forerunner of the next smart generation,” said Daniel Lescow, vice president of global sales for Smart automobile.

The Concept #1 is a sports utility vehicle. It is somewhat conservative outside however has a spacious interior, with the roomy feel improved by a glass roof and wheels situated out of sight the vehicle’s corners.

The Concept #1 back doors are pivoted at the back and open the other way from the front doors. Opening both front and back doors simultaneously gives an extensive view of the car’s interior.

Different features incorporate polished white paintwork, LED light strips at the front and back and covered door handles.

The Concept#1’s central computer controls the vehicle’s infotainment, driver assistance, electric versatility and vehicle architecture, the greater part of which can be updated remotely. An app for cell phones implies the driver’s phone can function as a digital key.

In 2019, Smart became the first traditional car manufacturer to switch totally from interior combustion engine to electric drive only. The organization professes to have a long history of leadership in fuel efficient and electric models, and has been making electric vehicles for around 14 years, having launched the electric Smart EQ Fortwo in 2007.

The new generation smart electric vehicles is being produced under a joint endeavor between Mercedes-Benz AG and Geely Automobile Group.