Sonos could before long declare a more modest, more reasonable Sub Mini subwoofer

Sonos could before long declare a more modest, more reasonable Sub Mini subwoofer

Sonos is probable wanting to declare a new, more modest, and less expensive subwoofer to join its home theater item setup. A Redditor spotted notice of a “Sub Mini” solidly in the Sonos cell phone application, and in light of the message, it’s apparent that this is a genuine item and not some error or placeholder message. In the screen capture, Sonos portrays the Sub Mini as a “more modest, tube shaped subwoofer” contrasted with the enormous, square, and exceptionally expensive Sub.

Most customary subwoofers are heavy squares or square shapes that individuals frequently attempt to keep carefully concealed. Be that as it may, chamber molded subwoofers aren’t inconceivable. The Sub Mini could take after something like the underneath subwoofer from OSD.

The third-gen Sub presently retails for $749. And keeping in mind that that is certainly a high premium to pay, certain individuals who are somewhere down in the Sonos environment would let you know that it’s almost difficult to exaggerate what the Sub adds to the sound from an Arc or Beam soundbar. You can even add two of them to a home theater arrangement assuming you need to get truly wild. (Sadly, the screen capture likewise specifies that the Sub Mini will not help this twofold subwoofer situation.)

Regardless of whether it can’t completely coordinate with the snarl of a normal Sub, a less expensive Sonos subwoofer would be a welcome expansion to the organization’s item family and allowed clients to partake in that more full, further sound from their films, TV shows, and music.

The organization revealed solid profit once more in its most recent quarter yet has been hit hard by inventory network issues. On the Sonos site, numerous items are delay purchased until late December and then some. The organization as of late carried out help for DTS sound to its soundbars, alongside battery-saving measures for the convenient Sonos Move and Roam speakers.