Sorry, Steelers, but the Patriots are presently the best franchise in NFL history

Sorry, Steelers, but the Patriots are presently the best franchise in NFL history

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots won Super Bowl LIII in a game that many will probably need to overlook as quickly as time permits, yet’s a victory that will perpetually change a story in NFL history.

Since with their 13-3 win over the Rams, the Patriots joined the Steelers as one of only two franchises to have six Super Bowl wins.

Yet, as a general rule, it’s a win that makes the Patriots the best franchise allied history, pushing them well in front of the Steelers, whose last Super Bowl win came 10 years prior, and who won most of their Super Bowlsway back in the 1970s.

The Patriots, obviously, have won the majority of their Super Bowls over the most last 18 years, with Brady being the essence of the franchise ever since Drew Bledsoe took a wicked hit early in the 2001 season.

From that point forward they’ve gone to a shocking nine Super Bowls, all amid when free agency and salary caps should make this type of run impossible. We’ve seen other teams in that time stand up and win a Super Bowl or two, just to then fall of the essence of the earth.

Be that as it may, not this franchise. Not his QB. Not this coach. The Patriots continue doing it year after year by seemingly plugging in a number of unknown players around Brady and letting β€˜er rip.

Hell, Julian Edelman, who played QB in college, was named MVP of Super Bowl LIII and is currently second behind just Jerry Rice in postseason gets. Name another franchise that would most likely discover a player like that and after that have the guts/smarts toturn him into one of the best WRs in postseason history?

Furthermore, indeed, the Patriots’ success over the Rams on Sunday night wasn’t pretty, however it was still pretty perfect. A team that is miffed by the majority of America by playing in a protective slugfest in which it looked like for a long while that a punter may be named MVP.

The Patriots did it this time with the GOAT incredibly off his game until it made mattered most, obviously.

The Patriots did it this time by closing down one more explosive offensive that was supposed to run all over the field.

The Patriots did it this time by beating two teams – the Chiefs and Rams – in back-to-back games who were extremely rage after their record-crushing MNF game spirit in Week 11.

The Patriots sent a message with their incredible Super Bowl run – the eventual fate of the NFL will have to wait.

Since Brady and Co. are surely still here.

And now they will just be looking to add to their legacy, which is unmatched in NFL history.