SpacePX: Build a reliable mining platform from four technical dimensions

SpacePX: Build a reliable mining platform from four technical dimensions

The underlying technology is the core support of the blockchain project, and the underlying technology determines the performance, decentralization, scalability, and security of the project. The Space Plan X (hereinafter referred to as SpacePX) technical team is constantly cultivating the underlying technology and simultaneously introduces advanced technology solutions, striving to provide users with a trustworthy platform.

The following analyzes the core technology of SpacePX from four technical dimensions:


Performance determines the service capacity of SpacePX. only by breaking through the performance bottleneck can the large-scale development of SpacePX be realized. in terms of performance, SpacePX adopts the most advanced storage and transaction settlement and other underlying technologies. At the same time, it will also use random number verification, parallel computing, cloud storage and other means to ease the load of SpacePX mining scenarios and ensure that any business can be the fastest After being dealt with, SpacePX currently has the stability of the securities-level system in business processing. At the same time, it will continue to pay attention to innovative technologies such as sharding, inter-node, and inter-chain interoperability to continuously improve platform performance.


The degree of decentralization is related to the fairness and transparency of the SpacePX organization. to this end, SpacePX fully uploads data to the chain, and implements deployment, participation, and decision-making through permission settings for data consistency, consensus decision-making, transaction processing, transaction verification, and identity authentication. Decentralization. At the same time, through the establishment of a complete data interface, decision interface, node interface, consensus interface, etc., to ensure that different participants participate in SpacePX’s decision-making governance affairs in a completely decentralized manner.


Isolation will affect the capacity and expansion efficiency of SpacePX nodes. In order to ensure the isolation and expansion of SpacePX’s different services, different resources, different data, etc., SpacePX will use cross-domain, sub-chain, and shard storage to ensure SpacePX The separability of different logical businesses and different dimensions of data ensures the scalability of SpacePX while realizing the effective improvement of business processing efficiency, providing an independent operation and governance environment for different teams of miners (satellite and spaceship nodes).


Security is the basic lifeline of the project. To this end, SpacePX will set up functions such as institutional access, CA certification, and key management, which is equivalent to a comprehensive system of management. At the same time, it will also ensure user privacy and security by supporting authority management and physical isolation. In the future, SpacePX will also try to explore security technologies including homomorphic encryption, zero-knowledge proofs, group signatures, ring signatures, etc., to continuously improve the safety factor of the platform.

Technological innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for the development of the blockchain industry, and technology application is the basic element for the implementation of blockchain projects. SpacePX will continue to explore new technologies and dynamics of the blockchain, and aggregate practical technical solutions to build a stable, The reliable underlying system relieves worries about the development of the SpacePX ecosystem.