SSC Ultimate Aero VIN number 001 goes to auction at Mecum this coming Saturday August 14th

SSC Ultimate Aero VIN number 001 goes to auction at Mecum this coming Saturday August 14th

You probably already knew the brand Shelby supercars of North America.

In January 2021 SSC Tuatara broke the world record for the fastest production car on the planet with an average top speed of 316 mph approximately.

This was not SSC’s first time of holding the world record top production car speed record. In September 2007 the SSC Tuatara predecessor the SSC Ultimate Aero TT broke the Guinness book of records fastest production car world record with an average stop speed of 257 mph.

This achievement by SSC North America put the small Washington base company in league a league of its own. The hypercar league.

For sale at Mecum Auctions this coming Saturday is no other than SSC Ultimate Aero VIN number 001 TT hypercar.

Only 15 SSC ultimate Aero are set to have ever been built of which VIN number 001 is probably the most valuable. This call was originally sold to a European buyer and was exhibited as pride of place at a hypercar exhibit in London England. Painted in the traditional Shelby blue and black this unique hypercar is probably the most powerful machine of its era.

Other SSC Ultimate Aero TT owners include Jay Leno and the Crown Prince of the Emirates.

Compared to other hypercars of its time including the Saleen S7 and the Mosler GT this hypercar is the most powerful production hypercar with 1183 bhp of its time.

The SSC Ultimate Aero TT VIN number 001 is probably the most important American built hypercar to date putting the USA onto the world of hypercars with companies such as Bugatti Koenigsegg etc.

Estimated to sell around the $600,000 to $750, 000 mark this hypercar will be the talking point of the Mecum Auction in Monterey this coming week .

A link to the auction details are here below .

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AUG 12-14
Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel and Spa – Del Monte Golf Course
1 Old Golf Course Road
Monterey, CA 93940